Coal mining. Bitcoin mining. Same thing.

An immense coal mine in Xinjiang flooded and shut down over the weekend of April 17-18. The blackout halted no less than one-third of all of Bitcoin's global computing power.

The Xinjiang accident highlights that Bitcoin is a creature of fossil fuels -- principally coal, the dirtiest of them all.

Overall, de Vries reckons that fossil fuels power around 70% of all Bitcoin mines worldwide, and that coal provides the vast majority of that share. "We now know for sure that one-third of all production runs on pure coal from a tiny place in China," he says. [...]

"The miners usually dislike renewables because they don't generate electricity all the time. They want to run 24 hours a day. [...] Green energy is a terrible match for Bitcoin," says de Vries. [...]

Miners are going to unusual places in search of the cheapest power that's also reliable -- and that's almost always fossil fuels. Since sanctions constrain Iran from exporting oil, Tehran is developing a new market inside the nation's borders by luring Bitcoin miners with super-low energy costs. By some reports, Iran now accounts for 8% of the world's Bitcoin production. Kentucky's rural coal fields are becoming a magnet for miners. Lawmakers in the Bluegrass State are proposing two sets of tax incentives: one for buying and upgrading existing power plants, and another break on electricity purchased from the grid, much of it produced from coal.

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Stupid Safari

It used to be that dragging from the URL bar of one window to a textarea in another would do the only sane thing: paste the URL as text. Now it opens a Finder window displaying a folder called "WebKitDropDestination-8FCUXgO8" with a .webloc file in it.


This started a couple of months ago. Is there some way I can make it stop doing this?

Dragging from an HREF still works properly, it seems to be only the URL bar that has developed this new craziness.

Generally, I'm impressed with how poorly macOS handles dragging and dropping of text, and always has. There's that constant struggle where you have to click and wait juuuust long enough before moving. It works so badly that it makes me wonder if I'm the only person who ever drags text.

Also, whoever started the new trend of text fields in dialog boxes selecting everything by default as soon as you focus there can just fuck right off into the Sun. Looking at you, iTunes.

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Ferrofluid Speaker

This is glorious. I once had a jar of ferrofluid in Lavaite form-factor, but it was difficult to get it to do anything interesting, and completely static without hands-on.

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Blue Whale Bandage


🐋 We've received many questions about the blue whale's bandage: It's real. It was installed yesterday by Trenton from the Exhibition department! It's 6 feet long & 2 feet wide. Come see it for yourself! Register for a vaccine today.

(The whale room is a vaccination site, in case you missed that part.)

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