Google Pay

Dear Lazyweb, there seem to be two different Google Pay APIs. Which should I use? PaymentsClient seems to describe a Google-specific API, and PaymentRequest seems to describe a W3C API that Google plugs in to.

Also, does Google Pay work in desktop macOS Chrome, if you do not own a physical Android device? What about in desktop Safari?


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Kung Fu

The new "Kung Fu" series is predictably terrible, though I am contractually obliged to watch anything set in San Francisco, especially if there is chop-socky involved. But the most distracting part is SF's alternate geography.

First of all, her family owns a small, faltering dim sum restaurant in Chinatown (in a building that is 25'x100' at best, but still only has like 6 tables in it), but instead of living in Chinatown, they have a huge house in the chilly, pine-tree suburb of... Cow Hollow?

Our hero takes a walk to clear her head, so she strolls past the Ferry Building on the new jetty that is 500' offshore. Either that or Treasure Island has been relocated. Or hey, maybe they moved and re-landscaped Alcatraz instead!

Ah, the wide, bustling, spotless streets of San Francisco's Chinatown that is totally not at all Vancouver:

Then it's time to spy on some smugglers, so they go down to "the docks" which someone's phone helpfully shows us are located at the corner of Fillmore and Marina. A neighborhood famous, of course, for its abandoned yet well-lit oil refinery:

And finally, one they got right. They visit the SF DA's office, and at first I was going to goof on this for being a weird stand-in for 850 Bryant, but this seems to actually be the Earl Warren Building, which is in fact where the DA's office is! Whew.

I mean, it's no Bullitt.

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