DNA Lounge: Wherein Nature is Healing

We've started doing DJ events in the DNA Pizza parklet. It's been going pretty well so far!

We also got the webcast configured to do two live video streams at once, for the still-hypothetical future when we have live events in both the Main Room and Above DNA. In the Before Times, before the network upgrades necessitated by the plague, we had to pick one room or the other, but now we have bandwidth for both.

You can watch yesterday's parklet party here.

We've got another one coming up this afternoon at 4pm. Stop by and check it out!

Our hope is to keep doing events like this every weekend and some weeknights, along with our online webcasts. If you want to put something together, let us know.

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Keyboard repeat

Dear Lazyweb, can anyone tell me how to disable all console keyboard autorepeat on a Raspberry Pi?

"/sbin/kbdrate -r 1 -d 100000" does not appear to be the answer.

Not X11. Currently Raspbian 9.6.


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"Fortunately this is not a metaphor for anything on our Earth!"

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