"Thank you, Mr. President."

By July 4th, it should be safe to meet up with friends.
Nothing but hot, writhing flesh everywhere you look.

The taste of sweat. The smell of passion.
No names. No jealousy. No fear. An erotic heap of moaning ecstasy.

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9 Responses:

  1. Ndarew Morele says:

    This reminds me of a line from Bill Hicks, that the day they find a cure for HIV, there will be fucking in the streets.

    • Dim says:

      Bowie and Jagger would have negligibly had to alter the lyrics:

      (How cheap that video looks now).

  2. Jonny says:

    I'm done getting vaxxed up (+ 2 weeks) early April. Alternate reality Biden isn't wrong. I fully intended to use and exploit my bisexuality and rather loose standards to their fullest.

    I am actually kind of curious what the sex and baby making statistics look like both from the pandemic and manic post pandemic orgy that is going to happen after. My guess is a baby boom from the pandemic (bored couples stuck together with the meaning stripped from their lives), and then some new and exciting varieties of STDs from the ensuing orgy that the non-baby interested population indulge in. Maybe those wild RNA vaccines will help with the later.

  3. apm74 says:

    Well this is awkward, my parents are pushing/hoping for a family [re]gathering on the 4th.

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