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OVHcloud told clients including the French government, the Centre Pompidou and cryptocurrency exchange Deribit to activate their disaster recovery plans.

"Our what?"

French politicians have championed OVHcloud as a possible alternative to U.S. cloud services providers, but it has so far lacked the scale and financial clout to dent their market share. The company said on Monday it had started the process for a potential IPO, without giving details.

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11 Responses:

  1. Carlos says:

    Backups, motherfucker -- do you make them?


  2. Seg says:

    I don't play this game, but it's interesting to see Rust deal with the lack of backups for player progression data…

  3. Bill Paul says:

    Someone spun up one bitcoin miner too many.

  4. Krisjohn says:

    If you don't have backups in another DC, you don't have backups.

  5. J. Peterson says:

    OHV: "...customers using our SBG2 center should activate their disaster recovery plans."
    Customers: "Our what?"

    • tfb says:

      This is the thing. It's OK for my mother not to have a DR plan for her iPad (it's backed up to Apple and those backups work as I've restored from them, but what if Apple ...)? But she's in her 80s and not technical.

      How does it work that people who are involved in building systems which live in other people's DCs don't have recovery plans that are tested and work?

      The best thing for humanity would be if we could be reset to some checkpoint in the late 19th century, be given a giant book of 'things not to do' and restart from there. Except, of course, there are no backups, and if there were we'd lose the book, or burn it.

      • MetaRZA says:

        Except, of course, people would use the "Thing Not to Do" book as a manual of all the things they should try out.

  6. Pedro says:

    Our company has (had?) a neglected VPS in that location that hosts some thankfully not very critical websites. We were in SBG1 which was only 1/3 destroyed by fire (the pictures show SBG2 which is completely gone).

    Apparently I'll know next week if we got lucky, or if I'll be rebuilding that server and restoring data from backups dumped nightly to S3. (Which didn't exist until I got here. So I guess I can pat myself on the back.)

  7. eSyr says:

    So, those are the cloud containers everyone is talking about, in the foreground?

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