DNA Lounge: Wherein DNA Pizza is ten years old!

Today we mark two different anniversaries: DNA Pizza opened ten years ago today, on March 10th, 2011!

And also, we have now been in lockdown for one year. Our last in-person events were Death Guild and Monday Night Hubba on March 9th, 2020.

Well, one of those anniversaries is worth celebrating.

In honor of ten years of DNA Pizza, today all of our appetizers are half price!

Might I recommend the loaded tots? They're so good.

Order now for pick-up or delivery. We are open from 4pm - 10pm every day.


Clown Computing

Your data is very important to us.

OVHcloud told clients including the French government, the Centre Pompidou and cryptocurrency exchange Deribit to activate their disaster recovery plans.

"Our what?"

French politicians have championed OVHcloud as a possible alternative to U.S. cloud services providers, but it has so far lacked the scale and financial clout to dent their market share. The company said on Monday it had started the process for a potential IPO, without giving details.

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