There's a Scott Pilgrim tabletop miniatures game

The rules seem crazy complicated, but it takes place in a dive bar and gameplay involves smashing the furniture.

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XScreenSaver version 6 beta 2

For details about what this is about, see my previous post.

Besides the list of things to try that I mentioned last time, I would also like some testing on these:

  • If you are running a window manager that is capable of doing wacky things with the compositor, try turning on as many of those bells and whistles as you can and see if that screws up screenhacks, the unlock dialog, or fading and unfading.

  • The unlock dialog shows your current keyboard layout now. If you use hotkeys to change the layout, give that a shot.

  • If you understand how to edit .po files, it would be great if you could update at least one locale with the handful of new translatable strings, and let me know if the unlock dialog properly displays localized text.

  • If you know anything about autoconf and can make the po/ directory not be insane, that would be nice.

  • KDE: I still don't know a reasonable way to get KDE to stop blocking XScreenSaver's ability to connect to systemd, and thus avoid blanking while videos are playing. The least-bad way that I knew was to hand edit the /usr/bin/startkde script to have it launch ksmserver with --no-lockscreen, but that trick no longer works as of KDE 5.17 which launches it from a binary called startplasma-x11 instead. So if you know how to tell KDE to stop usurping org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver, please let me know.

  • Unixen that are not Linux.
  • Linuxen that are not Debian or Fedora.
  • Hot-swapping monitors willy-nilly.
  • PBP monitors ("two HDMI one cup").
  • Fingerprint readers, or USB or bluetooth fobs.
  • Remote desktop clients or games that grab the mouse for long periods.

Launch it as "xscreensaver -log log.txt" and if anything goes wrong, send me the entire log file, and as many other details as you can about your system and what was going on at the time.

If there were any compilation problems, send me the entire output from "configure" and "make", as well as the "config.log" file.

Please note, this is a BETA release. Do not download this unless you are willingly participating in the testing of software that is probably flaky! And above all, do not distribute this version to other users.

☢ xscreensaver-6.00b2.tar.gz ☢

Do send me email and let me know what systems you've tried it on and how that went.


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