Atem control

Dear Lazyweb, can anyone point me at software that can control a Blackmagic Atem Mini from the command line, on macOS or Linux? E.g., having cron say "switch to input 2 now".

As far as I can tell, the control protocol is undocumented binary UDP, only partially reverse-engineered. They have a so-called SDK but the documentation is a slide deck whose most informative page starts with "Create a Visual Studio project..."

I see a bunch of things on Github (and none on CPAN) but I can't tell what most of them even purport to do. So I'm not asking you to google it for me, I would like to know if you have actually done this thing.

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Travis Kalanick's ratfucking of the restaurant industry continues apace.

A quest to find the origin of a pizza place led me down a rabbit hole of clickbait restaurants -- with Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick's new company at the end.

There was something about this particular cluster of restaurant brands that was harder to pin down. For one, they didn't actually seem to be brands -- at least in the usual sense. None of them seemed to have a website, and I couldn't find any person or organization that seemed responsible for creating them, or any mentions in the press. [...]

In addition to running its ghost kitchen business, CloudKitchens had launched an entire operation dedicating to building out "menus and branding" for its own virtual restaurant concepts -- "off-the-shelf" restaurants that food entrepreneurs could license "from their own kitchens." [...]

"Ultimately, it gives people the paradox of choice," said Matt Newberg. He says, "it also makes it incredibly more competitive"; the more brands there are to choose from, the less likely the consumer is to click on any individual storefront. As The New York Times has pointed out, it's also easy to imagine a future where virtual brand companies with money to spend on prime placement in delivery app search results push independent restaurants lower and lower down the list. [...]

His greatest concern about Future Foods is one that restaurateurs may not even be aware of. "They're giving restaurants tablets which would track all of their orders," he said. "So any pizzeria that's on [F*cking Good Pizza] is unwittingly sharing all this data with Otter."

As he sees it, when you partner with Future Foods, you're signing up to participate in what is essentially a "massive experiment on the restaurant landscape." In addition to helping the company to market-test the concepts in their portfolio, local restaurants using Otter to consolidate their orders in one place are granting the company back-door access to valuable information on consumer preferences in your town -- information that CloudKitchens could leverage down the road to compete with local restaurants from its own kitchens.

"Their whole game is to maximize the dollar per square foot on an industrial property for delivery, and then get some of the transaction," he said. "And that requires selecting restaurants that are going to perform well on delivery -- so if they know that your local pizzeria did well selling this brand, they'll likely try to find someone to replicate that in their own space." He likens Future Foods' brands to a "Trojan horse virus": "It's their way of getting into a space, without physically having to go and count how many orders are going out the front door."

DNA Pizza: Definitely Not A Wolf.

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The Federation

Last night I dreamed I was having lunch with Captain Picard and he was bitching about the slow pace of Martian terraforming. "It would be done by now if there was oil there", he said.

"Oil? Wait a minute, aren't you some kind of god living in a post-scarcity utopia?"

He said, "The Federation still trades with outsiders, and we'll grind a planet down to its mantle to get the beads and trinkets they're interested in."

"What's it like on a Federation oil rig?"

"It's a disneyland, full of cosplayers who think it's an historical re-enactment."

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COVID-19 vaccine site in Northern California closing for two days to host anime event

A county webpage showing dates and times for COVID-19 vaccine appointments available at the Placer County Fairgrounds says the clinic will be closed April 1 and April 2 due to an "event at venue." The event in question is a swap meet organized by SacAnime.

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Josie And The Pussycats

Revisiting The Soundtrack 20 Years Later:

"There was a certain point during the production where we looked at the dailies and I had that moment of panic like, Oh, fuck. We're making a cult movie. I can see what's happening." [...]

The movie could have been just a sidelong slap at youth culture by people from a previous generation, but it never made the lazy mistake of asserting that pop music was bad. The artists were unwitting victims of the scam, just like their fans. On a similar line, how many songs by a fake movie band do you think you actually need to come up with for the movie? Two, maybe three? How about eight, plus two well-chosen covers and a re-recording of the TV cartoon show's theme song, written, produced, and performed by some of the most talented players in alternative pop? [...]

The songs were collectively written by alt-indie power pop all-stars, including the late Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne, Matthew Sweet, Jason Falkner of Jellyfish, Dave Gibbs and Steve Hurley of Gigolo Aunts, Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, Anna Waronker of that dog., and Kay Hanley and Michael Eisenstein of Letters To Cleo, with Hanley serving as the voice of Josie.

Can confirm: the movie is pretty good; the soundtrack is impeccable.

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Abandoned Butt Box

"What's the weirdest thing you've found in an abandoned building? I'll go first, I found a box with a butt in it."

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Stop biting your nails

pushmatrix: "What if hands were made of string cheese?"

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U.S. Cyber Command's Cyber National Meme Force

The Pentagon doesn't meme like you or I. Before the DoD's cyber warriors can shitpost, images must be approved, tweets drafted and redrafted, and everything has to go through the chain of command.

From conception to deployment, the picture of the Soviet bear dropping malware candy took 22 days. The tweet got 364 likes and was retweeted 190 times. [...]

The bumbling bear is part of an effort by U.S. Cyber Command to make Russian hackers look uncool online. "We don't want something they can put on T-shirts, we want something that's in a PowerPoint their boss sees and he loses his shit on them," an anonymous U.S. official told CyberScoop in November, 2020. [...]

Cyber Command's response to the report contained a detailed explanation of why it's making bad memes. According to Cyber Command, they "impose costs on adversaries by disclosing their malware," and the graphics "are used and included to increase engagement and resonate with the Cybersecurity industry." Though it did admit that "the graphics may not be shaping adversary behavior."

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Last chance to give the XScreenSaver 6 beta a try

I think it's looking pretty solid, so I'm probably going to do a non-beta release of it in April, but it would be great to get some more testing feedback before then. Give it a shot, won't you? Details are in my previous post.
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Gender reveal, rolling coal, or just a war wagon?

"A dramatic fire caught on camera by police. The Fayetteville Fire Department told 5NEWS they believe the fire started from the van overheating."

It's fair to describe any burning vehicle as "overheating", I guess.

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