I did not know about this 1928 SFDPW proposal to extend The Panhandle. I say better late than never! Bulldoze Safeway!

A proposal to extend the Panhandle Park to Market Street followed the Wiggle route exactly, but without the wiggling. The plan called for demolition of houses to allow a straight route.

Update: Apparently the Panhandle was a street at the time, so this would have been basically a ground-level freeway, which is not at all what I had in mind!

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3 Responses:

  1. Were they planning to develop Corona Heights too, or is it just that the map doesn't distinguish between streets and paths?

    • Jim says:

      This is why you spend extra on well-understood asset libraries when drawing maps and floorplans.

  2. Jeremiah says:

    This is like a map of every place I got laid through the 1980's!

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