Ghostbusters Go To Hell

Bernie Wrightson:

An early version of the script had the team going through the gates of Hell, and Bernie was tapped to come up with the visuals! What a different movie that would have been!

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  1. Dude says:

    I honestly think I've been reading about this cancelled film in one form or another for about 30 years. Sending the Ghostbusters to Hell was meant to be the fulfillment of Akyroyd's original vision for the first film, which would have had the guys hopping dimensions and time lines. (Obviously, that was dropped 'cause, well, they had no idea how to do that justice in '84.)

    Not only that, but the point of sending them to Hell in Part 3 was so they could meet Satan... who was to be depicted as (not by) Donald Trump. Yes, really.

  2. familial says:

    Some of this looks like it lived on in the Ghostbusters video game:

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