The future is....

HunterFelt: "Meanwhile on the shelves of Philip K Dick's Sporting Goods."

the Future Is Reduced For Quick Sale $2

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Guide to combat against robot war dogs

whitney_hu: "Massive food lines in The Bronx but $75K for NYPD to have robo dogs."

Len Kusov:

PSA: if you or someone nearby are being brutalized by a police Spot robot and can get a hand or something underneath, grab this handle and yank it forward. This releases the battery, instantly disabling the robot.

Keep your hands away from joints, Spot WILL crush your fingers.

If you are a bystander and can get BEHIND spot, don't hit the power button, hit the OTHER button - it physically disconnects the motors.

Spot can also be countered with booby traps easily.

If you're armed, shoot center-of-mass as normal. The lithium pack is huge and not armored

Spot is also purely optical, meaning paint, dust, a sheet or blanket, sticky tape, etc can severely impair it.

Original stereo cameras on the face. 360 camera, pan/tilt/zoom cam, and LIDAR rangefinders on accessory rails.

If you're feeling creative, and can prepare beforehand, Spot is literally just controlled with an Android tablet. In manual (as in, non-autonomous) mode, Spot is literally just communicating over Wifi.

A WiFi jammer based on an ESP2866 is $40 on Amazon, just sayin.

Ostensibly, Spot was never meant to see combat - at least the current iteration of it.

There are, of course, military versions in the works that probably get rid of most of these vulnerabilities but police departments are buying the civilian ones just cause they can.

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"Thank you management"

There is no safe way to have indoor dining without massive vaccine deployment, no matter how much you want someone pandering to you.

There is no safe way to have in-person classrooms without massive vaccine deployment, no matter how much you want a babysitter.

This is not rocket surgery.

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