Howl's Moving Victorian Time-Lapse

Karl Mondon:

If like me you're wondering, "But why tho?", you might dig up this article: mostly a history of other times that people have moved houses, and including only this by way of explanation:

The move of 807 Franklin St. is being done by a private owner looking to restore two empty Victorian-era buildings while making way for a new eight-story, 48-unit rental property.

...leaving me still wondering, "But why tho?"

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Robot War Dog Company objects to their Robot War Dogs being called War Dogs

Boston Dynamics:

Today we learned that an art group is planning a spectacle to draw attention to a provocative use of our [military] robot, Spot. To be clear, we condemn the portrayal of our [military] technology in any way that promotes violence, harm, or intimidation. [...]

In addition, all buyers [except the military] must agree to our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which state that our products must be used in compliance with the law, and cannot be used to harm or intimidate people or animals.

The "and" in that last sentence is doing a lot of heavy lifting: armies, are they legal?

Anyway, it was very nice of Boston Dynamics, The Robot War Dog Company,™ to put out a press release drawing attention to this art project, but they seem to have mistakenly left out the link to the art project itself! What an embarrassing oversight! It's here:

Spot's Rampage by MSCHF:

We've put a Spot in an art gallery, mounted it with a .68cal paintball gun, and given the internet the ability to control it. We're livestreaming Spot as it frolics and destroys the gallery around it. Spot's Rampage is piloted by YOU! Spot is remote-controlled over the internet, and we will select random viewers to take the wheel.


We're all winners in our hearts.


The human race, when remote-operated dogs of war become commonplace. As these war dogs become fixtures of militaries and militarized police we will all learn a new meaning of fear: an oppressor who can pull the trigger without even needing to be physically present.


See Spot Run. It tops out at a blistering 3mph.

See Spot Roll Over. Spot is an empathy missile, shaped like man's best friend and targeted straight at our fight or flight instinct. When killer robots come to America they will be wrapped in fur, carrying a ball. Spot is Rob Rhinehart's ideal pet: it never shits.

Good Boy, Spot! Everyone in this world takes one look at cute little Spot and knows: this thing will definitely be used by police and the military to murder people. And what do police departments have? Strong unions! Spot is employee of the month. You never need to union bust a robot - but a robot can union bust you.

See Spot KILL!! Spot is an empathy building tool, because: Cute and approachable! We talked with Boston Dynamics and they HATED this idea. They said they would give us another TWO Spots for FREE if we took the gun off. That just made us want to do this even more and if our Spot stops working just know they have a backdoor override built into each and every one of these little robots.

See Spot Fall Over And Freak Out. Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave. Our saving grace: Spot is evil but not very good at its job.

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