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DNA Lounge: Wherein slip mats are back in stock!

It had been a while since we had to re-order these, and -- this may shock you -- in the intervening time, the printing company we had used went out of business. So we had to start over from scratch. But we finally got the new ones in, and they look great!

The minimum bulk order on these was kind of large, so don't make me regret re-stocking these, ok? I know all of you hipster bedroom DJs are still spinning vinyl, and we've got what you need for it.

Order here!

Turntable not included.


Trump Plaza Demolition

"It was not the biggest or the best implosion ever."

Front-row seats to view Wednesday morning's spectacle were sold on the cheap. Onlookers in cars hoping to witness the symbolic finale of the former president's casino empire in the seaside resort city were charged $10 and herded into a lot most recently used as a pandemic-era food distribution site. [...]

The mayor, in a bid to raise $175,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, had attempted to auction off the right to push a button to implode the building, but Mr. Icahn, who had supported Mr. Trump as president, scuttled that plan, citing safety concerns. [...]

Trump Plaza was the first of three casinos Mr. Trump owned before his gambling businesses in Atlantic City cratered and went bankrupt for good, leaving a trail of unpaid contractors and suppliers. [...]

"The money I took out of there was incredible," he once told an interviewer. In fact, he used little of his own money, a New York Times investigation found, and he shifted personal debts to the casinos, leaving the burden of his failures on investors and others who had gambled on his success. [...]

It lasted only seconds. Because the building had no basement, and no cavity to absorb the debris, the pile of remaining rubble could be 70 to 80 feet high.

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