X11 fonts

Dear Lazyweb,

  1. In This Modern World, is it possible for a non-privileged X11 app to hand a TTF file to libXft and then have XftDrawString* work?

  2. Failing that, is there any portable way for "sudo make install" to install the file in such a way that XftFontOpen will immediately be able to find it?

I'm pretty sure the answer to #2 is "Hahahahahaha no".

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DNA Lounge: Wherein Turbo Drive is in a video game!

Street Cleaner is a modern synthwave artist whose "mythology" is that he's writing soundtracks for a series of 80s masked-vigilante action movies that never existed. And, this non-existent series of movies also has a period-appropriate video game tie-in. Street Cleaner: The Video Game is the licensed game that would have been made based on those movies. It's on Steam. Street Cleaner also composed the music for the game, and did so in the NES Sound Format (.nsf) which was the original way that NES and related systems played music!

DNA Lounge Alert!

The 3rd stage in this game features a mini boss battle on a Turbo Drive level, with a little 8-bit Devon Dossett (DNA's General Manager and Turbo Drive founder) DJing in the background. You can see this at 9:30 in the gameplay video and again at 12:40 where the final boss fight features Devon throwing boxes to help the boss, Big Jerry.

They also made a retro-style strategy guide for kickstarter backers, pictured above, which talks about Turbo Drive!

It's been a little while since we were featured in a video game. You may recall that DNA Lounge is the game intro sequence for 2007's SingStar Amped.

Check out Turbo Drive for real (sort of...) on our webcast this Friday!