With Trump a no-show, Mar-a-Lago guests left to party maskless with Rudy Giuliani and Vanilla Ice

Jan 1 coming on with strong contender for "Headline of the year"

Guests who paid four-figures for tickets to President Donald Trump's annual New Year's Eve party were left to party with his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, his two adult sons and various figures from the conservative media -- none of whom wore masks. [...]

Without the President as the centerpiece, the wattage of Thursday evening's party was somewhat dimmer. Performers whose heyday came decades ago -- Vanilla Ice and Berlin -- performed from the ballroom's main stage.

Berlin, nooooo!!

Tables set for 10 people, with no social distancing, were clustered in the ballroom with white floral arrangements and candles encased in a sculpture meant to look like the New Year's Eve ball. The menu consisted of "Mr. Trump's Wedge Salad" -- the club has kept "Mr. Trump" instead of "President Trump" on the dish -- cheese tortellini and Wagyu beef.

Daily Beast:

Don Jr. seemed particularly enthralled by a performance by 1990s rapper and accused domestic abuser Vanilla Ice. "Ok this is amazing," Don Jr. wrote in a Facebook post that included a video of the has-been singing his hit "Ice, Ice Baby" while guests huddled together dancing.


I just saw video of Kimberly Guilfoyle dancing to Vanilla Ice as she shouted the words 'play that funky music white boy' and I'm not sure I will make a full recovery.

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15 Responses:

  1. Lloyd says:

    Berlin's Take My Breath Away is THE song for these intubated times.

  2. mike says:

    I assume Berlin performed Take My Breath Away.

  3. Doctor Memory says:

    WTF Berlin? Reading a smidge in between the lines of the band's wikipedia page suggests that Nunn might have been trending maga-ish for a while now: presumably nobody gives interviews to the Moonie Times unintentionally.

  4. Fluffy says:

    It's the terror of knowing what this world's all about

    Says here you have no talent and you want to be a star

  5. Louis says:

    The whole Don Jr. being amazed by Vanilla Ice.. is there Dunning-Kruger for patheticness?

    • MattyJ says:

      I also think it's amazing that Vanilla Ice is performing at a Donald Trump-less Donald Trump NYE party in 2020, but probably for completely different reasons than Don Jr.

  6. Bob says:

    For some reason Poe's Mask (Masque) of the Red Death comes to mind in these troubling times.

  7. Ugh, didn't know Terri Nunn was a Trumper. That's...disappointing.

  8. jwz says:

    Apparently Terri Nunn is (or is pretending to be) enough of a dumbass that she thinks that playing a gig at Mar-a-Lago can be an apolitical act:

    Nunn closed her statement by acknowledging that many in the Berlin fan base took her appearance as a betrayal of their values, especially some in the gay community who have become fans as a result of her frequent appearances at Pride festivals.

    "My apologies to those in the LGBTQ community who thought my performance was a statement against them," she wrote. "I have been and always will be fully supportive."

    One of Nunn's former cohorts in Berlin, cofounder David Diamond, had already issued a statement on Twitter alerting fans that her performance was officially a solo show and he was not involved. "A number of news outlets have reported that 'Berlin' played Mar-a-Lago for NYE," Diamond tweeted. "I want to make clear that I was not at this show, nor did I ever plan to attend. I spent the evening at my home in Truckee."

    • Dude says:

      Ah, yes... much the way Stallone always insists that "Rambo is apolitical" and how he "get[s] offended at the character being politicized".

      'Cause a character who personifies the bullshit right-wing myth of the MIA Vietnam vet and uses that as an excuse to slaughter commies - even in the de facto Rambo flick that is Rocky IV - how could one possibly interpret that as political? Damn SJWs just trying to stir up stuff for no reason...

      • MetaRZA says:

        Apart from John's rant at the end of the film, First Blood is more about generational conflict then ideological conflict. This does not apply to all the other movies, though.

        • Dude says:

          First Blood was written by Stallone and revolves around the bullshit right-wing myth of "the libruls spit on vets when they came back from 'Nam!!!" (if Viet Nam vets should be pissed at anyone, it's every right-leaning PotUS who cut benefits, resulting in rampant homelessness amongst vets). It's all the more hypocritical when you remember that Stallone infamously dodged the draft (just like his pal Trump and their mutual idol John Wayne).

          So no, First Blood isn't free of the hawkish bullshit of it's follow-ups. It's just more restrained... kinda.

          • MetaRZA says:

            I will admit to not having seen the movie since the 80s. My memory of it was the Korean vet with a stick up his ass provoking the rampage. Then the rant that which kinda came out of nowhere.

        • Dude says:

          Purr-fection. (Couldn't resist.)

          I love how that text haunts Stallone more than the goddamn robot from Rocky IV.

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