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The Great Wikipedia Titty Scandal: This is the story of a Wikipedia administrator gone mad with 80,000 boob pages.

Digging into Neelix's history, however, his fellow administrators couldn't believe what they found. He hadn't just created a handful of redirects, as the original report described; he'd quietly created thousands upon thousands of new redirects, each one a chaotic, if not offensive, permutation of the word "tits" and "boobs." For example, he created redirects for "tittypumper," "tittypumpers," "tit pump," "pump titties," "pumping boobies" and hundreds more for "breast pump." In fact, for seemingly every Wikipedia article related to breasts, he did something similar. [...]

"I especially don't see the value of creating pages with titles like 'titty banged,' 'frenchfucking,' 'licks boobs,' 'boobyfeeding,' 'a trip down mammary lane' and so on. Wikipedia is not censored, but we're also not Urban Dictionary," added Ivanvector. [...]

"I've just gone through all 80,000 page creations, and he was creating nonsense like 'anti-trousers' years ago," added Iridescent. "This isn't anything new, it's just the first time it's come to light."

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11 Responses:

  1. tcr! says:

    “Who the fuck is going to search ‘suckling of the titties’ instead of ‘breastfeeding’?”

    This quote has made every day so far worth living.

    • k3ninho says:

      There's a lot of ways to ask -- remind yourself of the meme-spawning item at Yahoo Answers "How is babby formed?"


      • jer says:

        Given that an infinite number of monkeys is writing Wikipedia, with the web masters' ultimate goal of steadily rooting out the cultural vandalism and cultural appropriation we find its pages are now rife with, we should perhaps not assume that the even more infinite number of current and future monkeys reading the site are/will be doing any better.

    • That title is better suited for the simplified English version, so I kind of see a bit of value to describe breastfeeding with more (and easier to understand I guess) words.

      Also, if you put something sooner or later someone will come up searching just that.

  2. Jon says:

    I am dying to know what "anti-trousers" are. Is this some activist group that is ideologically opposed to pants? Or somehow the opposite of trousers? Trousers made of anti-matter?

    • Ben Rosengart says:

      Some of the equations work out better if you model it as taking off anti-trousers instead of putting on trousers, that’s all. A convenient mathematical fiction.

    • Dude says:

      I had the same question and took to DuckDuckGo for answers.

      Apparently, "anti-trousers" means either A) anti-stain (ie. stain-resistant) trousers or - B) more likely related to the above article - the right-wing idea that women should never, EVER wear pants; skirts and long dresses only.

      Like all things on the internet, this idiotic idea is vehemently defended by a buncha incels with a fetish. "Real women don't wear pants" is the nicest thing they say, and they idolise right-wing political women who live up to this bullshit idea. Like so.

  3. Worf says:

    Just a misunderstood Wikipedia inclusionist :)

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