As Adobe Flash stops running, so do some railroads in China

The railroad system in Dalian, northern China, collapsed citywide on Tuesday for up to 20 hours after the Adobe Flash programing software stopped running.

Adobe had announced as early as 2017 that it would cease support for the multimedia software on Dec. 30 last year. The American software company eventually ended the operation of all Flash content on Tuesday.

Tuesday's chaos arose after China Railway Shenyang failed to deactivate Flash in time, leading to a complete shutdown of its railroads in Dalian, Liaoning province. Staffers were reportedly unable to view train operation diagrams, formulate train sequencing schedules and arrange shunting plans.

Authorities fixed the issue by installing a pirated version of Flash at 4:30 a.m. the following day.

Why didn't they just run it on archive.org?

Also: did Adobe push out Flash updates with time bombs in them? I assumed the deadline just meant they were going to remove the download link!

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Put Bernie Anywhere

Enter an address or location and bernie will appear there.

These worked out pretty well:

This one is the world champ, though. Dan_Case:

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Zombie Movies Prepared You for the Pandemic

[Research reveals] that an individual's enjoyment of horror films could have better prepared them for the COVID-19 pandemic as opposed to others who do not enjoy frightening entertainment.

"My latest research collaboration was unique in that my colleagues wanted to identify factors beyond personality that contributed to people's psychological preparedness and resilience in the face of the pandemic," Johnson explained. "After factoring out personality influences, which were actually quite strong, we found that the more movies about zombies, alien invasions and apocalyptic pandemics people had seen prior to COVID-19, the better they dealt with the actual, current pandemic. These kinds of movies apparently serve as mental rehearsal for actual events.

To me, this implicates an even more important message about stories in general -- whether in books, movies or plays. Stories are not just entertainment, but preparation for life."

Personally, I never want to see a god damned zombie movie again as long as I live, but I was kind of there already even before the pandemic, because I was so sick to death of how terrible The Walking Dead and its spinoffs were.

But I will make an exception for the first zombie movie that focuses on zombie denialists.

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