Sony Scopeman

Niklas Fauth:

Hardware Design files of a replacement mainboard for the Sony Watchman FD-10. This turns it into a bluetooth and WiFi-enabled vector display.

In "Audio" mode, the ESP32 acts as a bluetooth speaker. Play back audio files from your smartphone or laptop to hear and see the soundwaves. You can change the size by adjusting the playback volume.

In "Video" mode, the ESP32 renders the result of the Lorenz Attractor equation. You can change the simulation speed using the "Tune" knob.

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Facebook Is Showing Military Gear Ads Next To Insurrection Posts

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Facebook has been running ads for body armor, gun holsters, and other military equipment next to content promoting election misinformation and news about the attempted coup at the US Capitol, despite internal warnings from concerned employees.

In the aftermath of an attempted insurrection by President Donald Trump's supporters last week at the US Capitol building, Facebook has served up ads for defense products to accounts that follow extremist content, according to the Tech Transparency Project, a nonprofit watchdog group. Those ads -- which include New Year's specials for specialized body armor plates, rifle enhancements, and shooting targets -- were all delivered to a TTP Facebook account used to monitor right-wing content that could incite violence. [...]

These ads for tactical gear, which were flagged internally by employees as potentially problematic, show Facebook has been profiting from content that amplifies political and cultural discord in the US.

"Facebook has spent years facilitating fringe voices who use the platform to organize and amplify calls for violence," said TTP Director Katie Paul. "As if that weren't enough, Facebook's advertising microtargeting is directing domestic extremists toward weapons accessories and armor that can make their militarized efforts more effective, all while Facebook profits." [...]

During Monday's interview, Sandberg also addressed the proliferation of hate-related content on Facebook. "I think there's a false belief that we somehow profit, that people somehow want to see this content," she said. "That's just not true." [cue laughter]

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US Coast Guard recovers stolen tiki boat after extremely low-speed chase

"The person aboard showed signs of intoxication and was taken into custody."

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The Scarlet F

Facebook Warns Employees Not to Wear Company Gear In Public After Banning Trump

Facebook's internal security team has warned employees not to wear or carry any Facebook-branded gear in public.

"In light of recent events, and to err on the side of caution, global security is encouraging everyone to avoid wearing or carrying Facebook-branded items at this time," the memo said without apparently mentioning Trump by name. [...]

It's no surprise that social media companies are worried about backlash from Trump's cadre of dangerous extremists. Though one can't help but wonder where we'd be today had companies like Facebook and Twitter taken Trump's authoritarian language more seriously over the past four years. [...]

Facebook and Twitter may have done the right thing by banning Trump after the Capitol coup attempt, but it's way too late to call leadership at these companies anything but complicit in the damage Trump has done to the country. There would very likely be no Trump presidency without Twitter and Facebook.

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House EVS

I don't think I've seen the House voting UI before! The aesthetic is very Star Trek TOS.


On just my 11th day as Hawaii's newest member of Congress I have voted YEA to impeach the President of the United States.

He must be held accountable for inciting violent & deadly insurrection on our democracy & our nations capitol.

We must remove him from office.


Voting in the House has not changed much since an electronic voting system was first used on January 23, 1973, with the goal of making voting periods shorter. The latest version of the EVS system was installed in 2004. There are 47 voting stations around the House chamber,, and members can use any of them to vote using a card they carry.

Few votes are held in the format that existed decades ago, when individual names were read aloud, but electronic voting isn't mandatory. Lawmakers can come down to the well of the chamber, in front of the clerks, and use a system of color-coded cards to write their votes and hand them to a tally clerk.

Before electronic voting was introduced, this well-worn object, two Veeder-Root manual counters welded together, was often the center of attention on the Floor of the House.

I wonder if the cards are considered "secrets" or if they just have the name encoded on them in plain-text.

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