Very much do not have my Emacs setup just how I like it

Dear Lazyweb, subset Emacs people:

Since I finally had to switch to RMSmacs, I find the behavior of display-buffer both incomprehensible and intolerable. It doesn't match my decades of muscle memory. I have tried tweaking the contents of display-buffer-fallback-action and various other things and still can't tell what the fuck it thinks it is doing. I can't characterize exactly what it's doing that is wrong, but... it is and it makes my typing go off the rails on the regular.

Please, is there someone out there who has managed to revert this absolute shitfuckery to have the behavior that it had from approximately 1986 through, let's say, 2002?

Actually I don't know what year RMSmacs screwed this pooch. I just know that XEmacs's behavior was traditional through 21.5 in 2007, at least.

(And no, before you suggest it without having tried it, just loading XEmacs's window.el into RMSmacs isn't gonna work.)

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