DNA Lounge: Wherein there's more skullfuckery from the ABC.

ABC is trying to eliminate due process, and make it so that they can unilaterally shut down bars, nightclubs and restaurants on the tiniest pretense, without trial or any realistic hope of appeal or recourse. They are using COVID as cover for this, but it's simply an unrelated, brazen power-grab.

In what beverage attorneys are calling a potential repeal of due process, the ABC is trying to implement a new emergency regulation that would allow any outlet to be shut down without a right to a trial before hand.

John Hinman, a San Francisco-based partner in the law firm of Hinman & Carmichael LLC, says the new regulation is[being pushed forward with Covid being used as an excuse for its implementation. He and several other attorneys don't think that communities need any more "protection," from on- and off-premise establishments than prior to the pandemic. [...]

The Proposed Rule sweeps much more broadly, establishing a general-purpose guillotine the department may wield against any licensee who violates any provision of law during a declared state of emergency," shares Ralph Saltsman, a partner at the Playa Del Rey, California-based Solomon, Saltsman and Jamieson legal firm.

Hinman compares this regulation's presence on the books to punishment before due process. With the new regulation, businesses could be shut down without a right to a trial. They are also likely to stay closed for the period leading up to one, which could push many smaller operations beyond their financial comfort zones.

From Hinman's blog, where he has been writing about this and other ABC shenanigans for quite some time:

Hearings for all violations subject to "emergency orders" would occur only if the ABC agrees to hold a hearing, the licensee could appear "if practicable" and discipline (license suspensions and revocations) would be imposed immediately. The new rules do not go away if the COVID 19 "emergency" goes away. From now on an "emergency" is anything the ABC says is an "emergency." [...]

The ABC is using the COVID 19 crisis as an excuse to implement a system of permanent "emergency" orders that would abrogate licensee rights to defend themselves and their licenses in administrative proceedings.

I know that this month has been quite a year, but it was only last month that there was the report about ABC running a sting operation where they shut down random restaurants because of mistakes made by Grubhub and not the restaurant.

Like I said last time,


They are monsters. They are an abusive gang of thugs, propped up by prohibitionist, fundamentalist nutjobs like The Marin Institute and MADD, and are actively hostile to everyone in the industry that they supposedly regulate.

It's as if the Egg Council had a nakedly anti-egg agenda.

All that being said, please order our cocktails!

Pictured above: the Sazerac, Black Manhattan and Betelgeuse! They are delicious, and available for pick-up and delivery from DNA Pizza, every day from 4pm to 10pm.

No ABC agents, please.

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Emergency Alert System

For Texas residents of the eastern permian basin, these kinds of alerts and alarms are somewhat common.

Though the tremors and ejecta of these small events are quite minimal when compared to the larger 2007 event, they are still a point of danger and are taken seriously by those who live and work around the permian basin superorganism.

"During this event, you may experience headaches, nausea, fever, hallucinations, dizziness, mild seizures, temporary changes in vision, reduced or enhanced cognitive ability, limited precognition, memory loss, and muscle cramps. These effects are temporary and will stop once the event has concluded."

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Twitter's war on the web continues apace

Some time in the last couple of days, Twitter removed the HTML-only page you would get on mobile.twitter.com with Javascript disabled. The only way to access it now is with Javascript in a browser that is less than a year old.

Presumably they did this solely to make screen-scraping harder. Accessibility issues? Fuck you. Using an old browser or old phone because reasons? Fuck you.

Twitter has always been, and always will be, a garbage company.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein pineapple on pizza is good, actually.

So I gather there's this new video game about some "Cyber" punks walking around with their dongs and titties hanging out like it's the Folsom Street Fair (is shirtcocking punk rock now?)

Anyway, this game tells us that in the dystopian future, pineapple on pizza is illegal.

That's how you know it's a dystopia, folks.

I guess that's one way that their dystopian cyberpunk "future" differs from our dystopian cyberpunk present.

So order some DNA Pizza today. Open for pickup or delivery every day from 4pm to 10pm. The Fancy Hawaiian is great. And very fancy.


Figma Moai

"Reproduce various action poses with joint parts that are smooth and tight. Includes hat-shaped parts that actually exist, and expressive wrist parts."

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SOMA Nature Walk: ORBS

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MAX HEADROOM 10\u0027 4\”

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we're walk-in in a winter wonderland

In hope of reducing our electricity bill, which is still inexplicably enormous even though we're barely using the lights and amps, we've put the club-side walk-in fridge into cryosleep. There's another walk-in on the restaurant side, but the club walk-in is primarily for kegs and bottles.

It's not as simple as just turning it off, though -- why should anything be simple -- there's this whole procedure you have to go through to furlough the glycol system and beer lines, or bad things happen.

So check out that floor! That's what dragging a few decades worth of beer kegs across a sheet-metal floor does to it!

Devon made you some new desktop background images:


XScreenSaver 5.45

XScreenSaver 5.45 is out now, including iOS and Android.

Second release this month! The previous release came out on March 20th, and now it's only March 283rd.

  • New hacks, covid19, headroom, sphereeversion and beats.
  • Shader updates to hypertorus.
  • No more image-loading pause in glslideshow.
  • BSOD supports GNOME.
  • Image loaders support SVG.
  • macOS: Fixed text loading on 10.15.
  • X11: xscreensaver-systemd now allows video players to request that the screen not blank.
  • X11: Glade → GtkBuilder.
  • Android: These hacks work now: carousel, juggler3d, molecule, photopile, polyominoes.
  • Various bug fixes.

I only personally wrote two savers since the plague began. Usually my business going poorly results in more savers, but not this time.

I've wanted to make a Max Headroom screen saver for years, but -- and this is shocking to me -- I could not find a 3D model of Max's head anywhere on the interwebs. Then finally one day I found one! And it was great! Really faithful, and even a reasonable number of polygons. But the guy who made it won't let me use it. I even offered to pay.

So finally I said fuck it, I guess we get Skull Headroom. Maybe this being out there will give someone the incentive to make me a real Max model. Do you have the skill to make one? Or do you have the tech to scan a 3D model from MP4s of the TV show? Lemme know. I very much look forward to replacing the skull.


    Thanks very much to Martin Lucina for leading the way on the systemd integration. I hope that this results in me getting a lot less email.

    For decades, the traditional way for a video player to temporarily inhibit the screen saver was to have a heartbeat command that ran "xscreensaver-command -deactivate" once a minute while the video was playing, and ceased when the video was paused or stopped. The reason to do it as a heartbeat rather than a toggle is so that the player fails SAFE -- if the player exits abnormally, the heart stops beating, and screen saving and locking resumes.

    "Fail safe" is just the most basic of all basic engineering techniques. I shouldn't even have to say this out loud.

    These days, the popular apps try to inhibit blanking by talking to "systemd". The design of the systemd method easily and trivially allows an app to inhibit the screen saver, crash, and then never un-inhibit it, so now your screen will never blank again.

    Furthermore, since the systemd method uses cookies to ensure that only the app that sent "inhibit" can send the matching "uninhibit", simply re-launching the crashed video player does not fix the problem.

    "Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?" -- Ellen Ripley

    So here's what we're dealing with now, with the various apps you might use to play video on Linux at the end of 2020:

    • Firefox, Chrome, Chromium:
      If they crash or are killed while playing, they leave the screen saver permanently inhibited. They need signal handlers.

      If systemd's sd_bus_creds_get_pid() worked, I could work around this, but it doesn't so I can't.

    • Firefox, Chromium, MPV:
      Playing audio-only inhibits screen blanking. This is horrible. Playing audio should prevent your machine from going to sleep, but it should not prevent your screen from blanking or locking.

    • MPlayer:
      I can't get this weird WinAmp clone to play video at all (it plays them as audio) so who knows what it does.

    • VLC:
      The only one that appears to do everything right!


    There hasn't been much progress recently on the remaining systemic Android bugs. I could use some help with that from anyone with Android experience. The bugs are listed in detail in android/README, but an overview:

    • Rotation is wonky (on some devices?)
    • Deprecation warnings about android.preference, MediaColumns, MediaStore, etc.
    • Grabbing an image of the screen doesn't work.
    • Rendering text into pixmaps doesn't work. Affects 4 savers.
    • Rendering text into textures doesn't work, possibly because of the above, or because retrieving the GL_TEXTURE_MATRIX doesn't work. Affects 24 savers.
    • Retrieving GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX doesn't work. Affects 7 savers.
    • Pixmap masks don't work. Affects 6 savers.
    • Complex polygon fills don't work. Affects 4 savers.
    • Alpha blending doesn't seem to work. Affects 3 savers.

Two Minutes Hate, Apple Edition:

    I'm still running macOS 10.14.6 because I'm not a crazy person, and guess what! That means that I can no longer install a development version of xscreensaver on my own damned phone! My phone is running iOS 14.2 but the most recent Xcode that I can install on my Mac is 11.3.1, and they won't talk to each other.

    I think that this also means that I barely dodged the bullet of not being able to do a build for distribution in the App Store at all. You can't submit builds that were made against the "Simulator" target, they have to be against a real, physical device. Fortunately my iPad is ancient and the latest iOS released for it is 12.4.5, so I was able to do my build against that.

    All of this also means that these macOS builds are still x86, since my version of Xcode won't emit M1 code. So if you're running this on the new fancy, you'll need Rosetta 2 installed. (I tried to make it so that the dialog nagging you about that will pop up when you run the installer, instead of it waiting until the first time a screen saver is launched, but I'm not sure if that worked. Let me know.)

    I tested image loading and text loading (phosphor, etc.) on both 10.15 and 11.0.1 and it worked for me, but I've had people complain about that with the previous release, so lemme know about that, too.

Make that Four Minutes Hate:

    5.45 Binary Rejected
    Guideline 1.1 - Safety - Objectionable Content

    We found that your app includes content or concepts that some users may find upsetting, offensive, or otherwise objectionable.

    Specifically, your entertainment or gaming app inappropriately references the COVID-19 pandemic in the metadata or binary. Entertainment or gaming apps that directly or indirectly reference the COVID-19 pandemic in any way are not appropriate for the App Store.

    Next Steps

    While your app's current content or concept is not appropriate for the App Store, we would welcome a new app from you in alignment with our App Store Review Guidelines that is not focused on or related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


    For additional information regarding Apple's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the Ensuring the Credibility of Health & Safety Information update on the Apple Developer website.

    Please see attached screenshots for details.

    These attachments may display potentially objectionable content, such as nudity, pornography, and profanity.


    I tried renaming it to "Co____9" and changing the description to "This is fine", hoping that spinning the wheel would get me a different reviewer from whatever third world call center handles such things, but that trick didn't work. So no iOS COVID for you.

    Update, April 1, 2021: I re-added the "Co____9" saver to the iOS version of 6.00 and they didn't notice this time. Oh no, oh no, so sad for them!

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"Is this not a reasonable place to park?"

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