Yule never guess what happened next

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  1. the hatter says:

    [This video was removed because it was too long]. So I'l never guess, and never know. Though how on earth they publish a link before deciding it's too long (and I thought the limit was 10h+) is also a mystery.

    • jwz says:

      The video was a svelte 24:01:00.37 and 68 GB. But any time they block one of my videos for any reason, I don't delete it and I console myself with knowing that Google will be paying for storage on it for ever and ever and ever

  2. Dude says:

    "The video was removed because it was too long."

    I believe you, YouTube. I know you'd never use that as a bullshit excuse when typing "longest video on youtube" would prove you a liar. We can trust YouTube with sincerity as much as we can trust them (and Google) with our personal info:

    • says:

      It bothers me that this is a 6 fps video, but the milliseconds counter advances by 250…

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