Christmas Throwback: EXERCISE VAGUE JOY

It was five years ago today that I decorated the Christmas tree in my building's heavily-surveilled lobby. Simpler times.

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  1. benofben says:

    Shrodinger's Cat by Robert Anton Wilson had a character who traveled the US by Greyhound sticking up random signs from "The Management" much like yours. Excellent!

    • Flotsam says:

      Please excuse my pedantry but the character was Markoff Cheney, a midget intent on making a mark on a society that otherwise ignored him. He, er, signed the signs accurately as "The MGT". He knew people would think it was "The Management" and blindly comply. He was also a character in Illuminatus! too. Again, please excuse my pedantry and have a good Yule.

      • jwz says:

        When I read that book as a teen, I had only recently learned what Markov chains were, and I was like

        • o.o says:

          I want access to the raw Alta Vista database

          Wow, that's a throwback. I wonder what you could do with DadaDodo using some of the modern NLP libraries; I imagine you probably implemented a primitive version of them. (Although AFAIK they're all in Python, and I don't recall you ever posting anything other than Perl and C.)

          • jwz says:

            I mean, compared to neural nets and adversarial perturbations, Markov chains are like, "have you heard of this new data structure called the linked list?" Dissociators and cutups fall off of real language processors like dandruff.

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