Zuckerberg says Bannon has not violated enough policies for suspension

Who among us hasn't called for the execution of a perceived political enemy during an ongoing coup attempt?

Zuckerberg told an all-staff meeting on Thursday that former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon had not violated enough of the company's policies to justify his suspension, according to a recording heard by Reuters. [...]

Bannon suggested in a video last week that FBI Director Christopher Wray and government infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci should be beheaded, saying they had been disloyal to U.S. President Donald Trump, who last week lost his re-election bid.

Facebook removed the video but left up Bannon's page. The company had not previously answered questions about those actions. [...]

Arrested in August, Bannon has pleaded not guilty to charges of defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors to the $25 million "We Build the Wall" campaign. As Trump's chief White House strategist, Bannon helped articulate Trump's "America First" policy.

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2 Responses:

  1. Dude says:

    Oy... just lookin' at this shit-heel's face makes me want to set up one of those bear-repelling Japanese wolf-robot scarecrows:

    Instead of metallic growls, I'd have it repeat "Black Lives Matter! Tax the Rich at 92%! House the Homeless in mansions confiscated from the rich!"

    • Dude says:

      On a related note, (via BBC News): "Coronavirus: Facebook accused of forcing staff back to offices"

      So many choice gems in this short article highlighting Zuck's unique stupidity. To wit:

      [Employees] called on Facebook to make changes to allow more remote work and offer other benefits, such as hazard pay.

      Facebook said "a majority" of content reviewers are working from home.

      In August, Facebook said staff could work from home until the summer of 2021.

      But the social media giant relies on thousands of contractors, who officially work for other companies such as Accenture and CPL, to spot materials on the site that violate its policies, such as spam, child abuse and disinformation.


      [T]he workers said the call to return to the office had come after Facebook's efforts to rely more on artificial intelligence to spot problematic posts had came up short.

      There it is! Because Zuckerberg "wisdom" holds that when your billion-dollar AI can't eradicate the virus of right-wing bigotry, the simple option is expose humans to the virus that will probably kill them in two weeks.

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