NBC Primetime Movie, Nov 21, 1999:

"TV14. This program is a purely fictional thriller. The characters and situations are not based on fact. This program does not suggest or imply that any of these events could actually occur."

The whole thing is on youtube. I didn't watch it, but I did scan forward to see spoilers at the end, and it was like, people fighting with swords and being eaten by crows! I did not expect it to go there! But wait, no, it turns out "Y2K The Movie" had ended already, that was just a bonus 20 minutes of Beastmaster, which seems to be what was on this VHS tape before they recorded over it.

Also there's an entirely other "Y2K The Movie" movie, this one starring Malcolm McDowell and Louis Gossett Jr. that came out in July 1999! For post-Y2K video release they were retitled "Countdown to Chaos" and "Terminal Countdown", respectively.

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  1. dzm says:

    Down in the NES Support Pits we were all required to be at the Middlefield campus and start watching for the rolling wave of death when the first Micronesia islands on the other side of the International Date Line rolled over. Obviously nothing happened. We ended up drinking at lot and playing a crap-ton of StarCraft II. Around noon on Dec 31 (Pacific time) our NSCP overlords told us we could go to parties so long as we kept our pagers with us and didn't get too hammered.

    Long story short, we had to report to the office, then we got drunk and played video games, then we went to parties. I don't recall going all Beastmaster on anyone, but it could have happened.

  2. Big says:

    I’m from a fairly early Timezone (+1100 during dec/jan) so we were expecting to be amongst the first to have any of our shit that we hadn’t though to check explode on us, and I was lead, so I was on call...

    The only thing that went wrong was a bunch of web pages using template::toolkit that showed copyright dates of (c)19100.

    I was “too hammered” by about 1:30am local time. The joke around the office for weeks was to sing “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s nineteen one hundred”

  3. Line Noise says:

    In the first 60 seconds: "We even won World War II . . . without any computers!" Ummm . . .

    • tfb says:

      Depends on what is meant by 'computer'. Pretty sure nothing Turing-complete made any difference (Colossus wasn't, ENIAC was too late).

  4. MattyJ says:

    I was gainfully unemployed for a month on either side of Y2K but I have fond memories of the months before being tasked with digging a Mac SE out of cold storage and tracking down a copy of Pascal 1.0 to run on it so an engineer could update a piece of software from the 80's the still had active support contracts.

    • jwz says:

      DNA Lounge was closed for remodeling and permit battles at the time, but I definitely had The Fear based on my experiences back in 1995 or 1996 of making sure that the time code underlying the browser's crypto and Javascript libraries worked cross-platform, and learning what a complete shitshow things were on Win32 and System 7.

  5. Leonardo Herrera says:

    My personal story was that the powers that be (I worked on an internet provider support desk) asked for volunteers to spend midnight on shift in case something went south, and they would let the spouses to accompany us. I volunteered, because I suspected a bonus would be given (it was, and a big one). We spent the night in a really premium spot in the top of a building right below the biggest fireworks ever in my country. Me and the missus had a really nice time, with a good dinner provided by the company. Oh, and no events. The bonus was pretty hefty. Good times.

  6. Dude says:

    This past Wednesday, I saw an advanced screening of Songbird, the Michael Bay-produced "COVID thriller"

    This piece of shit (which takes place in 2024, when COVID has mutated four times over, not that you can tell from the symptoms portrayed) is as instantly dated as Y2K: The Movie, but at least that flick has a level of hilarious ineptitude. Songbird, on the other hand, floats from poorly-acted-not-quite-apocalyptic-"drama/thriller" to poorly-written anti-mask/anti-government screed that one instantly forgets the moment its over.

    It's Sunday-morning SyFy shit, which will likely be its destination in a month.

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