Today in Methane-Breathing Space Zombies

It has been brought to my attention that They Live opened 32 years ago today, so in honor of my favorite documentary about the Reagan administration, some highlights from my OBEY tag:

2016, just before the election:

They Live and the secret history of the Mozilla logo:

One of my most popular posts of all time.

"I'm going to draw a line through 1930s agitprop, Ronald Reagan, methane-breathing zombie space aliens, the Mozilla logo, Barack Obama and the International Commiunist Conspiracy. It's a long walk, so please stick with me."

I ended with, "In this upcoming presidential election, please vote against the methane-breathing zombie space alien."

Reader, my supplication did not work.

2016, just after the election:

Bubble Failure:

I wore my They Live costume, including the "MAKE AMERICA OBEY AGAIN" hat, and some guy -- in San Francisco, at a DNA Lounge synthwave event -- thought I was not joking and straight up admitted that he voted for Trump.

And another guy told me I was "brave" for wearing it, and that he threw away his vote for some third candidate whose name I don't even recognize any more, "Because Hillary? Is like corrupt? Or something?"

When I heard that 9.7% of San Francisco voted for Trump, I was puzzled, because does San Francisco even have that many cops?

2018: They Fake:

"Please point me at software that will replace all the faces in a video with skinless, methane-breathing space zombies."

Nobody did. As a team, you have all failed me, and us all.

2018: Real-life Hoffman lenses. It's a start.

2019: Halloween, Night Five:

I dressed as a centrist.

"See, my dress shirt isn't white, it's actually light purple! That's how you can tell I say things like 'socially liberal but fiscally conservative' and 'I'd really like to meet Elon Musk some day'."

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