The next 72 days be like

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  1. Dude says:

    In my dreams, it ends with the Secret Service doing this (complete with infantile squealing):

  2. Darren says:

    I still cannot believe that Miller and Sienkiewicz got this published in continuity at Marvel in the mid-80s...

    • Doctor Memory says:

      Aw man. Remember when Frank Miller was just a cranky libertarian and not, you know, completely frothing insane?

      • George Dorn says:

        That time did not exist.

        He went to my high school, and published a weekly comic (called "The Fixer") in the school newspaper. It was basically proto-batman, yet somehow even more fashy than his actual run on batman. The usual regular interrogation beatdowns of crooks and thugs, with all of the extra racist overtones that comes with the word "thugs" these days.

        • Doctor Memory says:

          Oh fascinating. And I'll note that he resurrected "The Fixer" after DC told him to get stuffed when he pitched "Holy Terror, Batman!" to them.

          So, updated: "Remember when Frank Miller would listen to the advice of editors?"

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