Softbody Tetris, Fuzzy Edition

I still strongly object that completed rows aren't removed.

This one is not soothing:

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  1. Minjonet says:

    I personally find the "not soothing" one to be much less disturbing than the fuzzy one, which I find very disturbing, and I think it's because the fuzzy one is self-correcting in terms of how the pieces interlock, and the second one isn't. You could just about see the second one happening with the right kind of jello or silicon or something, but the first is just... not okay. xD

  2. Moochakaka says:

    I would love to play the fuzzy version ☺️

  3. someguy says:

    I still strongly object that completed rows aren't removed.

    Then you'll love this one: SOFTBODY TETRIS V24

    • Karellen says:

      Is it wrong that I want this, but with yelps when the pieces land or are landed on, and screams + leaking viscera when pieces get cut by removed lines?

  4. Derpatron9000 says:

    In the event that COVID drives me to seek therapy (possible), I envision myself trying to explain to someone "You don't get it, a competed row doesn't vanish!! I think you're the one with issues!". Also, sorry everyone.

  5. Dim says:

    Presumably hardbody Tetris is only enjoyed by Patrick Bateman.

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