Guatemalans set Congress on fire, bring guillotine

And this looks like a no-joke guillotine! This isn't some cosplay shit.

Guatemala's Congress passed the budget bill Tuesday night, increasing lawmakers' own stipends for meals and other expenses and cutting funding for human rights programmes and the judiciary. They also axed $25m destined to combat malnutrition, igniting nationwide outrage. [...]

Four blocks away, a university student-led march on its way to the plaza had stopped and set up a guillotine outside the Congress building.

A few dozen police in regular uniforms stood by and watched as young men climbed the building, kicked in windows, and threw in incendiary devices.

Flames and smoke shot out of the windows for several minutes as protesters destroyed framed photographs of politicians. Riot police showed up, tear gassing the crowd, and then firefighters arrived to put out the blaze.

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