Fly Guy is back!!

Fly Guy! Fly Guy!!

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  1. J. Peterson says:

    The original commentary:

    This classic game is not a game, it is an experience. Navigate Fly Guy through the sky in a whimsical daydream that will surprise and delight players of all ages. Let’s go back. No, like waaay back. Back when there was no social media, no YouTube, no emoji. Broadband was still a baby and K size was totally a big deal. While the ancient web masters were making their interweb sites, they still had to consider those poor souls who were logging in with a 56k modem. Skkerrr merber Kerrt pershhhh…you’re in.

    Fly Guy was a man of the time. The time was 2002. Trevor Van Meter (TVM) created Fly Guy as a self promotional holiday greeting. Once it was released, it became so much more. Releasing the original FlyGuy on mobile is essentially the kickstarter for Fly Guy 2. Your support will super charge the development. Please grab a copy, share, tell a friend, leverage your high power connections, and help me stir up awareness. Any help is massively appreciated!

    "I don't get it. This game is boring. I can't shoot anything."
    — my 15 yrld Nephew Isaac

  2. frandroid says:

    Special to Jason Scott:

    Weird that the embed doesn't work properly when viewing it through the JWZ RSS feed on DW... All I see is this: [invalid site-embed, id is missing]

  3. Penguin Pete says:

    The embed worked on desktop FireFox Linux Mint, but when the duck sound effect comes on it loops indefinitely. Had to refresh. Tried everything.

  4. Dude says:

    Now, if only Pippin Barr would bring back his Ancient Greek torture game. His website has every version except the original. (Although Snakisms still fun.)

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