Also resurrected from the flash-heap of history, Bubbels!

This is my favorite bubble-popper. So much so that I saved a copy of the SWF file in case the site went away (it did) but then Flash went away too...

I know there are many, many variants of this game, but this version was just the right level of mellow for me. No timers, chill popping noises. Every other version is always like, "oh yeah it's a totally standard bubble popper, except it's got kookoobananas shaders, a happy hardcore soundtrack, and in-game purchases for Super-Pop."

Sadly, sound isn't working for me on this one.

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3 Responses:

  1. Elusis says:

    So satisfying.

    I... sort of hate you, Milkman Jamie.

  2. shevek says:

    G key toggles sound

  3. Ben says:

    First time I've played that. I spent too much time on the one by PopCap, I think.

    What's a good score? I got 106750. I can't tell if it was better to clear it and have it say game over or keep playing.

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