According to Twitter, pointing out that time that Trump Tower was literally protected by White Trash Trucks is "Hateful Conduct"

Linking to this twit from 2017 containing this photo! The ban was instantaneous.

Update: Well, it's 24+ hours later and I'm still locked out because they're in no hurry to "review" this:

Like that time when I appealed an Instagram takedown in 2018, and they "reviewed" it more than twenty-eight months later, the timeline for robotic takedowns is "immediate" and the timeline for appeal is "go fuck yourself".

Oh yeah, and because my personal account is locked, I also can't access my business accounts from either the Twitter iOS app or from Tweetdeck. So that's completely cool and totally normal.

If I'm reading this correctly, then had I done nothing, I would have had my account back in 12 hours. But because I had the audacity to appeal, my account will be locked until I delete the twit (the twit that they are already not showing to anybody) or until they get around to "reviewing" it, whichever comes first. So I'm being extra-punished for daring to claim that I did nothing wrong.

That is also completely cool and totally normal.

Update 2: Some 28+ hours later, it seems that my account has been unlocked, and my terribly offensive twit is now live and publicly available, so I guess it is now definitively non-offensive. I mean who am I to argue with Twitter? If they say it's cool, it must be very cool indeed.

I received no communication from them to this effect. Not telling me my account had been unlocked, and certainly nothing even remotely resembling an apology.

Update 3: Hey, I finally got that automated apology email! It was sent 64+ hours after my account was restored, and 92 hours after the appeal was filed. Email is hard, let's go shopping.

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21 Responses:

  1. Dude says:

    Good thing you didn't show a plate of crackers. So much more dangerous than all the Nazis still tweeting at this very moment.

  2. pagrus says:

    Do you suppose it's case sensitive?

  3. Nick Gully says:

    Heh. I replied the same thing to you and got the same. Adorable!

  4. Nibby says:

    This is probably read as very scary to twitter's A.I.:

    Can't stop <discouraged activity> about <political figure: emperor> <terrorism object> being <military maneuver> by <racial epithet> <dangerous object>.

    <Picture: imperial flag, imperial place, dangerous objects, fence>

  5. DaveL says:

    So FB's vaunted AI is just one-liner string matching? Shocked.

  6. Chris says:

    It was mentioning 'Trump' and 'White Trash' in the same tweet, with the most likely trigger being 'White Trash'.

  7. Steve Nordquist says:

    Huh, where's the CERT vuln test API for these 3-4 issues at twitter I wonder? (Also; you can't just control your accounts from Owly like a person who doesn't need to kill his phone with super-late negative ad CSS basilisk just to do things?) We definitely had some White Trash being a thing going on Sunday, with Biden oddly offering trying to address fans over adversarialy policed honking rather than a quiet BusCast (going by BBC News,) and shutting down bridges while identifying as unnecessarily large trucks for fascism?!?

    Let's hope Twitter can break Monday Seder (I'm scaling, so hurt me plenty; arbis om nuoll) to make a proper fix for these issues!

  8. Kyzer says:

    I've seen a lot of people crow about how their enemies are banned on Twitter, and think Twitter must be on "their side". But Twitter is not on anyone's side, and the mistake the entire world is making is giving Twitter any cachet at all. Why give a third party complete control over your speech? Why privilege Twitter drivel over other sources of internet expression?

    In the meantime, are you really going to lock yourself out until a human lets you post an offensive classist ethnic slur to their platform? Why do you think the human would let you?

    • Dude says:

      Dismissing Twitter as a non-factor is willful ignorance when it is the chief means of communication for the current president of the United States. As far as finding "other sources of internet expression"; that's akin to saying "Shop somewhere online that isn't Amazon": yes, it's a good idea, but most people don't know there are alternatives because Amazon/Twitter has a monopoly.

      Twitter (and FB) appointed themselves crucial to the practise of free speech when they were used in both Arab Spring and the Chinese Uprising of the same time. Key actors in both movements championed social media for giving them the voice that their own national media wouldn't.

      The problem was that Twitter and FB are businesses first and foremost, so when "Speaking out against tyranny" turned into "Meh, let the Tea Party say what they like - we don't want to stifle free speech"... that was a money decision, not an ethical one: Controversy = Outrage = Hits/Retweets = Profit. It is their responsibility how their platform is used. They have the resources to fix effectively... but that wouldn't be profitable.

      And as far as the "ethnic slur"... did... did you see the photo above? The one featuring, y'know, actual white truck full of trash?

    • jwz says:

      Why do you think the human would let you?

      Pick a reason: A) What I said is not in fact against their TOS, or B) There's a good chance my "case" will be "reviewed" by someone making $1/day who barely speaks English and has no fucks to give, so who knows what will happen inside the well-oiled Consistency Machine that is Twitter.

      But mostly I'm curious to see how long it takes. And also I am not finding not being able to use Twitter to be any kind of hardship.

      It's like, "Oh no, the bag of Cheetos is empty. And I already have a stomach ache. But the bag of Cheetos is empty."

      • Kyzer says:

        I am not finding not being able to use Twitter to be any kind of hardship.

        Oh, well, in that case this is a good experiment. Try for a highscore!

      • Bob Heimer says:

        I get banned from Twitter fairly often. It usually takes several weeks for an appeal to be 'reviewed' and rejected, though with more people staying inside and tweeting I'm sure it will have gotten worse. Nor, of course, would the VCs allow more dollar a day contractors to be hired, or rules to be relaxed (it's fine when Twitter is used as a tool for color revolutions in brown countries, but god forbid accusations of the same be made at home).

    • Derpatron9000 says:

      In the meantime, are you really going to lock yourself out until a human lets you post an offensive classist ethnic slur to their platform? Why do you think the human would let you?

      Do you seriously think this is what happened here?

  9. Lloyd says:

    Gee, it's like being banned arbitrarily from posting on jwz's blog.

  10. robert_ says:

    I'm sure it's pure coincidence that the 'mistakes' Facebook and Twitter constantly make always favour the far-right.

  11. Thomas Lord says:

    Looking at your update, I think you are misreading it. The 12 hour countdown starts only if you delete the tweet in question. The review would let you repost the same thing later, if they find in your favor.

    Some goofball paper - New York Post, as I recall - was in a similar state. Twitter decided their original tweet that got them in twitter jail was OK after all, but they still had to delete that tweet, wait for their account to be let of jail, and then could retweet the same content.

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