Public Pressure And Lawsuits Kept USPS From Handing Trump The Election

This seems to be a "Y2K" situation, where people will say, "See? That was all just a bunch of hype," discounting the enormous effort that "nothing" took.

DeJoy's initial ulterior motives appear to have been thwarted, but he will remain the postmaster general for the foreseeable future.

Alarmed by all this, the court required the post office to provide daily data and updates on how quickly ballots were being delivered in the week leading up to Election Day. It was that level of oversight, Duraiswamy believes, that forced the USPS to follow through on its "extraordinary measures" with the intensity needed.

"It's not just a matter of, do you put the right words on a piece of paper and send out the memo? It's, do you have the commitment and oversight that translates those nice words into action?" Duraiswamy said. "It's safe to say the litigation pressure made a real and meaningful difference in pushing them to get through as many ballots as possible." [...]

One group of people who did right by voters, many agreed, were postal workers.

"Everything we hear is that the individual postal workers have been working hard and working overtime, doing everything they could to follow their instructions and do everything they could to deliver ballots on time," Zieve said.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we Hack the Parklet

We have upgraded our parklet for these plague times -- the new walls not only keep you away from the dread spittle of your friends and enemies, but the wind-breaking aspect also makes it significantly warmer out there, which is important since you can't go inside...

And tomorrow, Sunday, we're doing another Cyberdelia! Kidhack, Tripp and Netik bring the Hackers beats, and we're setting up head-to-head Wipeout games out in the parklet, projected on the front wall.

No skate ramps this time, and unfortunately the olympic-sized swimming pool on the roof is closed for repairs. But we have pizza!

Also, I'm happy to report that our masks are back in stock! We have cleared up our shipping backlog, so if you order now... you'll get them pretty soon. They're pretty sweet masks. You should get some.

Please wear your masks. And cancel Thanksgiving. It's not getting better out there.


Nazi Poop Discipline

As the surviving Koch revenant is going on a Redemption Tour, let's remember this tale from the formative years of these climate-change-denying fascists:

Jane Mayer: Dark Money:

[Fred Koch] was enamored enough of the German way of life and thinking that he employed a German governess for his first two sons, Freddie and Charles. At the time, Freddie was a small boy, and Charles still in diapers. The nanny's iron rule terrified the little boys, according to a family acquaintance. In addition to being overbearing, she was a fervent Nazi sympathizer, who frequently touted Hitler's virtues. Dressed in a starched white uniform and pointed nurse's hat, she arrived with a stash of gruesome German children's books, including the Victorian classic Der Struwwelpeter, that featured sadistic consequences for misbehavior ranging from cutting off one child's thumbs to burning another to death. The acquaintance recalled that the nurse had a commensurately harsh and dictatorial approach to child rearing. She enforced a rigid toilet-training regimen requiring the boys to produce morning bowel movements precisely on schedule or be force-fed castor oil and subjected to enemas. [...]

It wasn't until 1940, the year the twins were born, when Freddie was seven and Charles five, that back in Wichita the German governess finally left the Koch family, apparently at her own initiative. Her reason for giving notice was that she was so overcome with joy when Hitler invaded France she felt she had to go back to the fatherland in order to join the führer in celebration.

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