Pandemic roundup, March 222nd

Violet Blue:

Right now the West Wing is empty. There are a couple aides, residence staff, and medical personnel; the absolute minimum skeleton crew. There are less of them every day. They are being infected one by one. They are dressed head to toe in personal protective equipment: gloves, masks, gowns, clear plastic face shields. They nervously attend to, and try to minimize damage from, a highly infectious Donald Trump. None of the aides trust each other and every day they try to avoid coming in because they cannot run away from him if he approaches. [...]

Before Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was laid to rest, a celebration was held at the White House. The festive garden party occasion was, quite simply, a rejoicing of her death. Specifically, it was exploiting an opportunity to revel in attendees' newfound freedom to undo the human rights advances Ginsburg spent her life fighting for.

The September 26 party was a who's-who affair of well-heeled conservatives whose slavish devotion to Donald Trump knows no bounds. Not even the boundary of their lives. It is now being called the Rose Garden Massacre. Superspreader Saturday.

Donald Trump was infected and contagious as he attended that party and all the ancillary events of the weekend. From the most practical timelines, he had been infected for at least a few days, though no one will tell the truth about whether or not he was actually being tested, nor especially when his last negative test was. No matter; the White House covid test (widely known for being wrong half the time) was being used incorrectly, in addition to being an excuse for them all to eschew masks. Plus they all thought it was a good idea to let Trump's tests slide by testing everyone around him. Surely a virus plays by the rules of meritocracy. [...]

In the most practical piecing together of the timeline, Trump was Patient Zero, having infected Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna Romney McDaniel on September 25. For every event Trump attended, at least one person (though usually more) have now tested positive -- nearly 40 people as of this writing. [...]

What about the Vice President, America's head of the covid task force? No one really knows what the true status of Pink Eye Pence McFly is, but since he's the reason Indiana's HIV outbreak was disastrous, unnecessary, and tragic, I bet we will soon.

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  1. Dude says:

    Remember that old X-Files episode "Folie à Deux"? The one where a telemarketer can see that his co-workers are dead, even though they appear living to other people?
    Naturally, it turns out that the co-workers are dead because they're being killed by a human-sized bug. That's what the flies are telling us: Pence died long ago and his body is rotting from the inside.

    I mean, that or Pence - whose religious bullshit makes him sound like a sexual predator - has finally gone so far with his overblown Jesus-talk that the spirits of the White House (dead slaves) are finally lashing out.

    Like so:

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