Biden Beastie Boys Campaign Ad Removed After Club Owner Doxxed

With "Sabotage" as its theme, the ad focused on Joe Malcoun, the owner of the half-century-old Ann Arbor, Michigan, bar the Blind Pig:

He says that he's been struggling to run the bar -- which has hosted everyone from Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon to Nirvana over the years -- in the midst of the pandemic. "This the reality of Trump's COVID response," Malcoun says in the ad. "We don't know how much longer we can survive not having any revenue... This is Donald Trump's economy: There is no plan and you don't know how to go forward. It makes me so angry. My only hope for my family and for this business and my community is that Joe Biden wins this election."

The ad was pulled from all of Biden's channels on Wednesday after the campaign said he was attacked and threatened by Trump supporters. "The price for having a voice in our political process cannot be endless harassment," said campaign spokesperson Bill Russo. "And yet, that is what Joe Malcoun and his family currently face as he was doxxed, harassed and threatened after the Trump campaign has sought to smear a community leader who dared to speak out against Trump's failed response to the Covid crisis. It is shameful." [...]

In the meantime, as the clock is running out on the last best opportunity to pass a much-needed economic relief package, hundreds of venues across the country are on the precipice of permanently turning off the lights. That dire prospect has led to the push by the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) for a $10 billion "Save Our Stages" bill, which is currently stalled in Congress after Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell urged the White House not to seek an agreement with Democrats for the desperately needed relief for American businesses before the Nov. 3 election for fear that it might derail their efforts to fast-track Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to the high court.

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3 Responses:

  1. Dude says:

    Meanwhile, Trump is gettin' a C&D from fuckin' Nickelback (who are just the latest in a long line of musicians who told Orangie to fuck off).

    And that's just the latest in a long line of Republicans being told not to use musicians' work. Every now and then will a Democrat make the same mistake, but by a substantially wide margin Republicans are practically kleptomaniacs.

    • Andrew Klossner says:

      Not the latest. That C&D was over a year ago; the linked article was published October 2019.

  2. Milt says:

    Was in a band, The Parka Kings, that played that club several times back in the day. I wish them well and hope that little piece of Southeast Michigan survives this thing.

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