Apple bans RSS in China

Reeder and Fiery Feeds said this week that their iOS apps have been removed in China over content deemed "illegal".

Inoreader, a similar service, was banned from Apple's Chinese App Store back in 2017. Feedly is also unavailable through the local App Store.

The history of China's crackdown on RSS dates back to 2007 when the authority launched a blanket ban on web-based RSS feed aggregators. [...]

[Reeder developer] Rizzi said he had tried reaching out to Apple, "not because I have any hopes to get Reeder 4 back into the store but more to get some clarification." Apple encouraged the developer to reach out to the Cyberspace Administration of China directly.

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6 Responses:

  1. TD says:

    RSS exists

    China: i have a really simple solution for this

    • Dude says:

      Wh-- are you trying to suggest that the Chinese government is not-entirely forthcoming with the facts?
      That it's trying to censor the information before it reaches the citizens?

      What ever gave you that idea?

      • Jim says:

        We will know that neoliberal international globalization has ceased if and when China bans Google Scholar, which is Not. Very. Likely.

        Meanwhile, The Old Reader.

        • G says:

          It's no fun reading RSS feeds alone. Go to 'Find Friends' page to see who among your Facebook friends or Google contacts

          • Jim says:

            Contacts discovery isn't required, and won't happen without your initiation and OAuth consent. TOR is almost exactly like Google Reader was but with various generally unintrusive extensions.

  2. Steve Nordquist says:

    There are newer syndication protocols than RSS 2.0. I hope they're cooler enough I get to getting to what they are. Aren't all the online (grade) schools decompression breaks supposed to have gotten those RFCs in front of us by now? Guess I'll try to find a POV jump rope for October so I can read RFCs while unwrecking some physicality.

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