DNA Lounge: Wherein a winnar is us!

On this, the 238th day of March 2020, you the people have once again declared DNA Lounge to be Best Nightclub in the 2020 Best of the Bay. Also making the list: your Best Dance Party is Death Guild! And of course, Best Burlesque: Hubba Hubba Revue!

Thank you all for your continued support!

Tonight we kick off Halloween week with some chiptunes: 8bitSF presents The Splatterhouse: "Paying tribute to the sights and sounds of classic horror games and films to get you into the proper October spirit. Our selection of retro-electro horror-themed music spans genres from chiptune/video game music, synthwave/darksynth, industrial/EBM, and more."

Tune in online, or come down in person to chill outside at our parklet: we will have tunes and video playing on the sidewalk, and DNA Pizza will be serving food and liquor until 10pm. We had a pretty good turnout for the parklet edition of Turbo Drive last night, so hopefully this will continue to be a thing, in this weird new world of ours...


DNA Lounge: Wherein it's Halloween Week

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Even though we're all still living in some kind of Hell Dimension, I just wanted to draw your attention to our series of excellent Halloween and Halloween-adjascent webcasts we have coming up in the next couple of weeks. It's quite a full schedule!

Also of note, we're trying something new for this week's Turbo Drive: since the event starts at 7pm, we're going to be playing music out on the sidewalk, and wheeling out a big TV. So if you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house and socialize distantly, come on down and have a slice and a cocktail and hang out in the parklet... The restaurant serves until 10pm!

Hopefully as the city edges closer toward reopening, we will be doing this kind of thing more often. If it's popular, maybe it will make sense to extend DNA Pizza's hours later. We're also going to build some kind of structure with walls around the parklet and on the sidewalk, both to encourage distancing and for a wind break. That should appear some time within the next few weeks.

We also got some single-serving to-go cocktail jars to complement our bigger jars that are 3-4 servings each. Those are only available in person, though, not online.

Here's what our Halloween festivities look like:

  • Tonight, Thursday Oct 22nd, 8pm:
    Sound Alert: Classic Rave 1990-1994:
    Focusing on the early years of the rave scene, the classics ofthe early 90s!

  • Tomorrow, Friday Oct 23rd, 7pm:
    Turbo Drive
    The biggest, and longest running synthwave party in the world. Fire up your lasers and fog machine and dance along.

  • Saturday, October 24th, 8pm:
    8bitSF presents The Splatterhouse
    Paying tribute to the sights and sounds of classic horror games and films to get you into the proper October spirit. Our selection of retro-electro horror-themed music spans genres from chiptune/video game music, synthwave/darksynth, industrial/EBM, and more.

  • Monday, October 26th, 9:30pm:
    Death Guild
    Spooky-dance along from the safety of your own home!

  • Tuesday, October 27th, 8pm:
    Ambient Mafia presents BOO!
    With DJs Sinukus, Redstickman, Speakeasy Ray & Cryptid. Join The Ambient Mafia, a Bay Area DJ collective operating for more than 20 years, for a spooky night of chill, trip-hop, and downtempo.

  • Wednesday, October 28th, 8pm:
    Alternative Decade: 1979-1989
    Obscure 80s alternative rock, 80s modern rock, 80s synthpop and 80s new wave, live from the DNA Lounge Main Room!

  • Thursday, October 29th: 8pm:
    Star Crash: Halloween From Afar
    A Streaming Synth Spooktacular featuring exclusive paranormal performances, spine-tingling special guests, creepy clips & vile videos by a macabre multitude of ghastly glamour ghouls. Free show, suggested donation of $10-20 to help us evade the grave...

  • Friday, October 30th, 8pm:
    Frank Oliver's Twisted Cabaret
    This one's a little different: it's streaming live from the DNA Lounge main room, but it's a paid-only Zoom show. See the calendar for details.

  • Saturday, October 31st, 7pm:
    All Hallow's Eve!
    It's our twentieth year throwing this party! Join us for some of our favorite DJs streaming live from the main stage, plus two sets of bewitching burlesque and skillful circus syrens!

  • Friday, November 6th, 7:30pm:
    Jain Dowe presents Apothecary Raree
    A neovintage & Electroswing cabaret and dance party, this time with a Gothic Americana twist!

  • Saturday, November 7th, 8pm:
    The return of POP ROXX!
    Back in the heyday of Indie Dance, there was a monthly, color-coordinated explosion called Pop Roxx! Join Pop Roxx alumni DJs Omar, Netik and Starr Noir for a virtual Pop Roxx Reunion! Dance The Explosion! The color is green.



Dear Lazyweb, can an Adafruit Metro Mini (ATmega328P) be made to impersonate a USB keyboard? If so, how? If not, what board should I buy instead? Smallest possible, with 7 digital inputs.

Keyboard.h: warning: Using legacy HID core (non pluggable)
error: 'Keyboard' not found. Does your sketch include the line '#include <Keyboard.h>'?

Some breadcrumbs seemed to be suggesting "HID-Project" and "HoodLoader2" but neither seemed to help.


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Dear Lazyweb, can someone please tell me what chickens I have to bleed to make macOS 10.14.6 and Arduino IDE 1.8.13 talk to an Adafruit Metro Mini? It says "/dev/cu.ARPT: Resource busy". System Info shows a TUSB3410 connected, but maybe that's something else, I can't tell.

Apparently it has been 4 years since I tried to use an Arduino, because 4 years ago I posted: "Is programming an Arduino from macOS always a nightmarish clusterfuck, or am I just lucky?" and I still have all the same questions as last time.


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We Finally Know What a Dinosaur's Butthole Looks Like

It's rare to get a look at something soft and fleshy on a dinosaur

...as your mom well knows.

On the fossil, just below the tail, the butthole appears as a "blackish mottled ovoid area," the paleontologists write. To the naked eye, the spot looks like a series of dark, stacked bands running between the base of the tail and hip bones, clearly different from the skin around it. [...]

Bird cloacae are round or square and normally covered up by feathers. Crocodiles and alligators, which are the closest living cousins of dinosaurs, have cloacae that are horizontal slits. [...] An educated guess is great, but firm evidence is better.

...as your mom well knows.

Though the drainpipes stashed behind the cloaca itself were not preserved -- the penis in this setup, just so you can picture it, extends out of the butthole during mating -- this fossil helps us imagine that dinosaurs might have had croclike genitalia, too. In crocodiles the female's clitoris is so large and pronounced that the pink, tapering organs can easily be confused for the male's penis.

...as your mom well knows.

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Youtube can go duck itself

Hi DNA Lounge,

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow -- and don't allow -- on YouTube. Your video Boioioing was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we've determined that it may not be suitable for all viewers and it has been placed behind an age restriction.

How you can respond

If you believe this was a mistake, we'd like to hear from you. To appeal this age restriction, please submit this form. Our team will thoroughly review your appeal and will contact you again very soon. For more information on YouTube's Community Guidelines, please visit our Help Center.

- The YouTube Team


Upon further review, sincerely, and out of an abundance of caution...

Youtube can still go duck itself.

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Today in Dunning-Krugerrand news

Bitcoin and Ethereum use the same amount of energy as the whole of Austria:

And then there's the environmental problem. The environmental problem? Aren't we talking about digital coins? Yes, which makes it even stranger. Solving all those complex puzzles requires a huge amount of energy. So much energy that the two biggest blockchains in the world -- bitcoin and Ethereum -- are now using up the same amount of electricity as the whole of Austria. Carrying out a payment with Visa requires about 0.002 kilowatt-hours; the same payment with bitcoin uses up 906 kilowatt-hours, more than half a million times as much, and enough to power a two-person household for about three months.

And the environmental problem is only going to grow. As miners put more effort into solving the puzzles (ie, building more of those dark server caves in Alaska), the puzzles will automatically become more difficult, requiring more calculation power. It's an endless, pointless arms race in order to facilitate the same number of transactions with more and more energy.

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I'll take "problems we solved correctly in the 80s" for $100, Alex


It's 2020 and developers still think "reverse chronological order, scrolling until I see something I vaguely remember having seen before for half a second" is the way to go. Good job everybody.


Proper threading, a real editor, post scoring, and kill files: trn was the pinnacle of user interfaces for keeping up with the social media feed.

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Since the mythology is that Facebook's advertising engine is a hypnotism mind-control ray that can turn anyone into a Nazi in a week, sometimes it's good to reflect upon how absolutely terrible they are at advertising.

Every few days I scroll through Instagram. Regrettably, I do this using the iPhone app, since they barely have a web site. This means that, unlike the rest of my existence, I don't have ad blockers, and it's awful.

For a while, every time I saw an ad, I reported it as "offensive". Because I find advertising offensive, so where's the lie? What I learned from this process is that if you report an ad as offensive, it will stop showing you that particular ad, but will still show you other ads from that account! So instead I started blocking every account that showed me an ad. That works, though it takes 5 clicks, but hey, everybody needs a hobby.

The Instagram accounts I follow break down roughly like this:

  • 70% unpopular bands;
  • 28% burlesque performers;
  • 2% people who do horror-themed prosthetic makeup.

So with that as the input, and after years of blocking ads, the ads that Instagram shows me are:

  • 95% realtors;
  • 5% financial investment podcasts.

There's a smattering of other weird ads in there, like the occasional ad for the gift shop of a museum in a state I've never visited, which can probably be attributed to an intern's first failed attempt at ad targeting. But, pretty much realtors.

It's always realtors no matter how many I block.

Maybe this is because realtors are the cockroaches of commerce; no matter how many you squash, there are thousands more, and they just keep coming. This tracks with paper spam, too: realtor postcards outweigh political advertising at least 3:1. The realtor mindset has a "firehose" mentality.

It did please me to report an ad for the only competing ad network as spam, though.

Also, most of the time Instagram shows me ads every five photos. Five photos, one ad, repeat like clockwork. It didn't used to be this bloodthirsty. Maybe my blocking triggered it, or maybe they do that to everybody now.

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SOMA Nature Walk

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