Star Trek Tarot

This is an extremely specific kink.

The Tarot has 78 cards. Star Trek aired 78 original episodes in its initial run.

The culmination of years of research and collaboration, Star Trek Tarot carefully matches the 78 ancient Tarot cards one-to-one with the 78 classic Star Trek episodes that aired during the show's initial run, and represents the originally-unaired Star Trek pilot episode on two bonus cards.

Tarot experts have helped to hone the deck's entire design, to honor each card's centuries of layered meanings and its many traditional and modern associations. Professional artists have created original Star Trek imagery and graphics for each card in a style that is a respectful representation of every original episode's chosen scene and appropriate for a Tarot deck.

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13 Responses:

  1. jwz says:

    Kingfish: I'm glad the Space Hippy is in there. And just think, 20 years later that guy was an evil redneck cowboy bar owner, trying to catch The Blues Brothers.

    Me: Hey, at least he stayed in the music industry.

    • MattyJ says:

      I grew up in the Chicago suburbs in the 70's. Filming the Blues Brothers in Chicago was a Big Deal(tm) as previous mayoral administrations had effectively banned movies from being filmed in the city. The new mayor re-opened the film commission and was instrumental in opening every door for the production that they needed opened to get the shots they wanted, including driving a car through the front windows of the city's main administrative and court building.

      It was as if the city itself issued a betamax copy of the movie to each household in the greater Chicagoland area. Everyone had one and to this day native Chicagoans of a certain age will likely tell you that The Blues Brothers is the one movie they have watched end-to-end more than any other in their lifetimes. More than Breakfast Club. More than The Godfather. Even more than The Empire Strikes Back.

      So it is with a sense of obligation to Chicago completionism, and not being a pedantic asshole, that I say the Space Hippy was the band leader, not the bar owner.

      Or maybe I'm a pedantic asshole.

      • jwz says:

        Thank you for that. Also, I find that this comment works best if you hear it in Christopher Walken's voice, as per his "gold watch" speech in Pulp Fiction.

      • Cookie Wolf says:

        I dare someone to do a Blues Brothers Tarot deck!

      • Witchsistah says:

        That was Jane Byrne who did that. I remember the election when she won against Mike Bilandic due to his mishandling of the Blizzard of '79.

        • MattyJ says:

          Having been in grade school in 1979, I remember approving of the way the mayor handled the blizzard. SO MANY SNOW DAYS. Lack of plowing had some benefits to me back then.

  2. Not Me says:

    I'm into neither Star Trek nor tarot cards but this feel like my gateway drug to both worlds...

  3. Alefbet says:

    Apparently the aliens from "The Cage" use Hebrew Alphabet???

  4. Dtbvmer NOrqusiuiaripjat ja yknow says:

    The NTSC color halo, the illegible yet small type, the careless choice of where to put the tarot symbol or ep. title and --whatever's in the top left corner--, yeah, that's just vanilla sadism.

    Whereas a playing card deck of 8 is Enough (and the M0RE Catholic 22...something) but where the croupiers dress like Alice from The Brady Bunch is gamey sadism.

    Speaking of which, apparently vanillin is such a plain ass molecule you can have a Kraft Paper plant that bleeds lignin and turn the lignin into vanillin in a green process. Then if you're all done drinkepreneuring away people's taste for anything nonvegetal, you can turn the rest of the vanillin into a proximal molecule good as flow battery electrolyte. Thanks, SciTechDaily!

    Did I already say sadism somehow? I meant not to.

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