jwz mixtape 219

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 219.

It is also currently queued up on the DNA Lounge webcast, if you want to watch it in simultaneity.

Tiny Stills are on this mixtape, and we have a show scheduled with them at DNA Lounge on Jan 17. Anyone placing bets on whether we're allowed to open by then?

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4 Responses:

  1. Thomas Lord says:

    Are we betting whether you are legally allowed to re-open? Or whether it is safe to public health to re-open? I'd give 3:2 "yes" on (1) and, while (2) is hard to referee, I'd give 13:1 "no" (and be very happy to lose, if I did).

  2. Jeff says:

    Here in Ireland "wet pubs", which don't serve food only drinks open in 2 weeks. Pubs which serve food have been open. Musicians have not yet returned to play at local pubs here - they play on beach and backyards.

  3. A Country Farmer says:

    Best playlist in a while, thanks! (IMO, last few have kinda sucked but this makes up for it)


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