Greetings from Sunny California

It is 9:45 AM.

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  1. Dude says:

    The view from Daly City at 8:24am (camera auto-adjusted most of the orange out):

    Also, in an attempt to take my mind off the sky, I watched the new trailer for Denis Villnueve's adaptation of Dune. It goes so perfect with our orange sky, one would almost think it was planned that way:

  2. Tyler says:

    Please tell me that there's a digital billboard in the bay area showing a sunrise.

  3. dzm says:

    Purely nerd question - how did you correct for the phone's desire to white-balance-correct? Or did you use a real camera with settings that can be turned off? Or did you post-process the iOS photos?

    I've been fighting this fight all morning.

    • jwz says:

      I pushed up the saturation a little bit until the screen looked like what my lying eyes were telling me. iPhone SE.

    • A low-tech trick that seems to work is to include something white in the frame.

      For future reference the next time this happens.

  4. herp derp says:

    please remind me: what is the herp derp checkbox for?

  5. Line Noise says:

    This was the East coast of Australia 9 months ago when a bit of smoke in the air was the worst of our problems. I refer to it as "the good old days".

    • tfb says:

      'A bit of smoke in the air', or what it signifies, probably is the worst of your problems. It's just not the most urgent one, and since it will only kill our children and poor people with dark skins who live far away no-one really cares. I mean, who cares about their children and poor black people, even if they don't live far away?

      • jboy says:

        I get the impression that Line Noise was probably being a little tongue-in-cheek about "a bit of smoke in the air". Web-savvy Australians (ie, anyone who gets their news outside of Facebook & Sky News) are probably only too aware of the reality of climate change. Unfortunately, it's the (predominantly-Boomer) Australian government that's clueless / in denial.

        You (tfb) probably didn't need to launch into a lecture about "the worst of your problems" & "poor people with dark skins". My apologies if I mis-interpreted your intention (ie, missed your own tongue in your own cheek), but phrases like "poor people with dark skins" sound like you're trying to shame the original poster -- which as I've mentioned, was probably not necessary.

  6. Derpatron9000 says:

    Are they filming a follow up to Fury Road near by?

    • k3ninho says:

      I wanted to post a gif of 'another day under the sun' from La-la Land but this is the other end of the state in Sf-sf sfnd.


    • Ben says:

      They were filming a follow up to the Matrix nearby, but they sensibly left for Germany because of covid.

  7. Michael V. says:

    Hollywood's color-correctors have teal-and-oranged real life.

    Stay safe.

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