A New American Manifesto


So I translated the Declaration of Independence into plain English. Ironically, Most people don't recognize it. But many feel it "speaks to them".

A number of people have remarked that it's really staggering to see all of Trump's bad acts itemized and listed together. What's amazing is that I just copied all the original charges against the King. Barely had to adjust anything.

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6 Responses:

  1. Lloyd says:

    The excepted text isn't in the linked-to webpage, which doesn't seem like a modern-English declaration.

    Much confused.

  2. family says:

    Paralleling cops with "merciless Indian Savages" is a lot to unpack.

  3. duncan cairncross says:

    The really really FUNNY part is that NONE of those complaints were anything to do with King George
    King George could set the palace menus and select the wallpaper - and that is about all!

    The Colonists were rebelling against Parliament - the MOST democratic government of the time and at least as "democratic" (I would say more) than the government the rebels set up afterwards

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