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Please enjoy jwz mixtape 220.

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Star Trek Tarot

This is an extremely specific kink.

The Tarot has 78 cards. Star Trek aired 78 original episodes in its initial run.

The culmination of years of research and collaboration, Star Trek Tarot carefully matches the 78 ancient Tarot cards one-to-one with the 78 classic Star Trek episodes that aired during the show's initial run, and represents the originally-unaired Star Trek pilot episode on two bonus cards.

Tarot experts have helped to hone the deck's entire design, to honor each card's centuries of layered meanings and its many traditional and modern associations. Professional artists have created original Star Trek imagery and graphics for each card in a style that is a respectful representation of every original episode's chosen scene and appropriate for a Tarot deck.

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Glitch techniques


I found that JPEGs (left) and PSDs (right) corrupted in wonderfully different ways, and that rendering methods mattered (for example, damaged Photoshop files render much more interestingly in OSX's Preview than in Photoshop itself, which won't even open overly-damaged files). [...]

I would try inserting various chunks of junk text into different parts of an image's code, seeing where and how it would break the image. I tried a lot of text sources, like paragraphs from Star Trek slash fiction, but found text from random Wikipedia articles most useful.

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