Why I never play video games any more

tl;dr - because sysadminning a console is the worst game ever.

  1. Hear about [REDACTED] being released for PS3.
  2. Wonder if I can download that.
  3. Turn on PS3 for the first time in... a year?
  4. Remember that for some reason it stopped being able to connect to the network.
  5. Dick around in settings for 30 minutes.
  6. Completely disassemble it. (Wow, those heat sinks are not fucking around!)
  7. Detect nothing obviously unseated. Re-assemble.
  8. Dick around in settings again. Oh, now it wants to download an update! I guess the network is working again.
  9. Download. Wait.
  10. Install. Wait.
  11. It gets to 99%, aaaaaand....
  12. Yup. Repeatedly.
  13. Download PS3UPDAT.PUP to a thumb drive. Ignored.
  14. Safe mode? Nope, it goes right back to the installer loop, but this time in glorious SD.
  15. Pull the drive to see if I can replace the PS3UPDAT.PUP there surgically. Nope, it's in some goofball file system that a Mac can't mount.
  16. Safe mode with the drive pulled? Nope.
  17. I guess I don't have a PS3 any more, now I have a brick. Hooray!

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Grocery Can Liberation

PDFs for all the labels are here!

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Berkeley Cop Trading Cards

In 2002, Berkeley UCPD made trading cards for their officers so students could get to know their cops. It's been a while, so we updated the initiative.

"Sgt Andrew Tucker, who hospitalized four students in 2011. Maybe they asked for it, though: Chancellor Robert Birgeneau called the protestors "not non-violent" because they'd linked their arms together."

"Barry Boersma, who killed a man with a carotid hold and shot another in the back with a Taser while working for Vallejo PD."

"Berkeley UCPD Sgt. Billy Brashear, the cops' student body liaison. In 2011, Brashear liaisoned with students' bodies by beating them with a baton, even though one had already fallen to the ground."

Long thread is long.

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Paypal's War on Tardigrades


Just an FYI that @PayPal is currently blocking all transactions containing the word "tardigrade" in the product name or description. We've contacted them and they told us we should just stop using the word tardigrade.

PS This is not limited to Archie McPhee. This is ALL OF PAYPAL! And they give a message that the USER is violating their agreement. It's scaring customers away!

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