DNA Lounge: Wherein it's time to Hack the Planet again

Next Tuesday, Sep 15, is the 25th anniversary of Hackers, so we're doing another Cyberdelia! Obviously we'd rather be doing this in person, with the skate ramps and the costume contest and whatnot, but... it's the apocalypse.

It's a two-part event: at 5pm PDT, Hackers Curator is hosting a movie watch-a-long with live commentary and Q&A from celebrity guests at twitch.tv/hackerscurator. Guests include:

  • Laurence Mason - Lord Nikon
  • Peter Kim - Blade
  • Darren Lee - Razor
  • Iain Softley - Director
  • Renoly Santiago - Phantom Phreak
  • Roger Burton - Costumes

Then, immediately after that, on dnalounge.com/webcast/ (starting at 6:30pm) we've got our lockdown cyberpunk dance party live from the DNA Lounge main stage, with superstar DJs Tripp and Netik, accompanied by the rollerblading Cyberdelia gogo dancers!

Our original plan was to have all of this on the DNA Lounge stream as is traditional, but after weeks of effort, Hackers Curator could not get the movie studio to answer their question, "How much to license the movie to play live on our stream?" They decided to just risk it and do it anyway, but I... did not. So that's why the early part of the evening is on Twitch and the later part is on the DNA stream, even though I'm vehemently opposed to all things Twitch. *

We've got some other awesome stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, too!

Wouldn't it be great if we could actually let you into the building to see these shows? Yeah... alas. Well, these events are all free to watch, but you can support DNA Lounge and all of our performing artists by purchasing pay-what-you-want "tickets" in advance, or by hitting that tip jar during the show.

* Why am I so down in Twitch, you ask?

Well aside from the fact that DJing is a violation of their terms of service, aside from that...

Twitch has the same business model as Facebook: their only goal is to convert your customers into their customers and then push you out of the way. Twitch is happy to have you drive your audience to their site, where they can then make them captive to Twitch. After that, they've got the customer and you're just a statistic. I strongly believe that one of the things that has served DNA Lounge best over the years has been, "Never let a gatekeeper get between you and your audience".

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