Mississippi rejects state flag featuring giant mosquito

"The mosquito flag advanced to Round Two due to a typo," the agency said.

Mississippi recently retired the last state banner with the Confederate battle emblem that is widely condemned as racist. A nine-member commission will recommend a replacement flag that, by legislative mandate, cannot include the Confederate symbol and must have the phrase "In God We Trust".

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4 Responses:

  1. thielges says:

    The state at the other end of the River has a better claim to this particular state bird. The skeeters up north in Minnesota shake Mississippi skeeters down for their lunch money.

    (My design for a new flag would include a tin of Skoal)

  2. razrichter says:

    Having looked at the pruned round 2 selections, it's a real shame they dropped this one. It's one of the most interesting (no sarcasm).

    My main complaint is that the "In God we Trust" is so small. Considering that MS is likely to be a malaria zone again fairly soon, and the state of medical care in the state, it would be appropriate.

  3. nooj says:

    I would vote for a design that has a little kudzu in the corner. And each year, adds a little more, until it completely covers the flag.

    Kudzu Kings - Mr. Charlie (live on stage) (Grateful Dead cover) (2019):

  4. Hylyx Hyx says:

    Aww. That would have been the most accurate flag, too, since Mississippi gets the most federal dollars...

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