Doom scroll!

"Let's do a quick recap"

"Anything else?"
"I'm still in January."

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  1. Sean says:

    "Flattened the curve...


    • Waider says:

      That line cracked us both up here Chez Waider.

      The whole thing is a thing of beauty, made of things of beauty.

  2. Pavel says:

    Fully lost my shit at "January"

  3. Dude says:

    Aside from this meme-creator repeating the bullshit "ate a bat" rumour, this is pretty spot-on.

    The things I'd add are:
    - how the US blames China for the virus, despite a significant amount of US cases came from Europe;
    - how Ellen Degeneres' star has not only fallen, she and her friends keep digging her deeper;
    - how the Asshole-in-Chief is so in denial about the severity of the pandemic that he wants kids to just go back to school, where they'll no doubt be exposed. (Oh, and if any of those kids dare point out how fucking dangerous that obviously is, those kids get suspended;
    - another unnecessary streaming service came out - this one from HBO, but it sounds like it's a mix of HBO and Cinemax, although it doesn't have anything from Cinemax;
    - Disney parks decided to re-open during the pandemic, 'cause fuck it, they got Marvel and Star Wars shit to sell (which they've gone so hard on in the past few years that most kids don't even know who Mickey and Minnie are;
    - people are pulling guns on anyone asking them to wear masks;
    - a Black essential worker was murdered in her own home - her own bed - after cops illegally broke into her house;
    - Justin Bieber was accused raping two women;
    - Sammy Hagar said we should resume concerts and sports mid-pandemic, 'cause "We all gotta die, man"
    - And finally, Black Star were meant to release their long-promised follow-up album but it may be cancelled due to industry shenanigans and Talib Kweli just being plain fucking horrible.

    On the plus side, Prince continues to serenade us from the Great Beyond.

  4. Nick Gully says:

    This is the "Get Your War On" for 2020, isn't it?


  5. You can tell when this was made by the death count - 128K was mid-July.

  6. 205guy says:

    Who’s still here reading this in August 2020?

    This makes me nostalgic for July when we still had a post office and Kenosha Wisconsin wasn’t a civil war battle-field.

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