A typically understated fireworks display


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  1. Dude says:

    If you squint, you can see Rand Paul squirreling away from the protesters-who-didn't-touch-him-but-whom-he-claims-attacked-him.

    Luckily, he claims he was "saved" by the police force staffed by white supremacists.

  2. Eric says:

    This is certainly a bold new look for Disneyland.

  3. dinatural says:

    This is very sad to see, I'm not from America but know its huge influence on the rest of the world. When I see things like this, I hope immensely that it convinces some republicans to change their vote. But I know individual opinions are encroached too deeply and it will not change anything... America will destroy itself and bring the world with it

    • Zyni Moë says:

      Think so to. In fact this is probably almost the last chance: if Trump wins he will rule for four years or more and perhaps then some of his children for more. And all those who he enables elsewhere – Bolsonaro the idiot fascist, the English Faragists, Putin who I seriously fear and many others will be stronger.

      And nothing will be done about carbon because they say nothing needs to be done because it is a pretend thing.

      And it is not a pretend thing and we do not have more than a few years.

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