"Welcome to your dystopian autism arrest experience"


We're going to be at Bishop Kelley High School today for an Autism Awareness event. Stop by between 10:00 and 1:00 to check out our MRAP and hang out with some of our officers.

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Cocktail recipes for academics

pjstelzel: "This fall semester promises to be very challenging, so here's a thread of 25 cocktail recipes for academics in times of Covid-19. Cheers!"

6. The Inaccessible Archive

6 cl gin, 2 cl green chartreuse, 3 cl fresh orange juice.
Stir, serve with orange zest.
Yes, Chartreuse is a bit pricey, but you'll be saving a lot of money by not going to the archives.

5. The Canceled Conference

6 cl gin, 3 cl pomegranate juice, 2 cl lemon juice, splash of simple syrup, cherry bitters.
Stir, serve with lemon zest.
Enjoy after you've finally gotten hold of an airline rep to rebook your flight.

10. The Provost's Pandemic Priority Faculty:

8 cl tap water, 3 cl cranberry juice, 1 cl lemon juice, simple syrup, cherry bitters.
Ass. Deans and Deans: replace tap water with gin
Ass. Provosts and Provost: replace gin with champagne.
Either way: stir, serve with lemon zest.

23. The Furloughed Football Coach

6 cl vodka, 4 cl grape juice, 2 cl lemon juice, simple syrup.
Stir, serve with lemon wedge.
Enjoy, but don't kid yourself: this drink does not exist (he is an essential worker).

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The US Postal Service lost $0

The Postal Service doesn't actually lose money. It relies on public funding to help cover its costs because it's a public service -- and it ought to remain that way.

It's right there in the name -- and it's right there in the Constitution, which authorizes Congress to establish post offices without a word about turning a profit. [...]

Few people think of the National Park Service or the United States military as bureaucracies that "lose" money, even though they cost the government billions of dollars. So why should the Postal Service be treated any differently?

By design, the Postal Service was destined to spend more money than it makes. This was arguably best articulated in the Postal Policy Act of 1958, which stated that the post office is "clearly not a business enterprise conducted for profit." To the contrary, Congress noted, mail delivery is a public service that promotes "social, cultural, intellectual, and commercial intercourse among the people of the United States." Indeed, the post office was thought of by the Founders as a means to connect Americans to each other at little cost, and to ensure that the public is well informed -- a critical need for any democracy, especially a young one as the United States was at the time -- by subsidizing the delivery of newspapers.

For most of its existence, the post office was a federal department and the postmaster general was a member of the president's cabinet. As a result, Congress funded it just as it did all other federal departments. That changed in 1970, when Congress, under Richard Nixon, passed the Postal Reorganization Act, which turned it into an independent federal agency that was required to cover most of its costs, with little help from Congress. Since then, the rhetoric of "profits" and "losses" at the post office took hold.

Fucking Nixon.

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Liza Minnelli on Sharks

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In these uncertain times, a smile goes a long way...

...on an eviction notice.

The single mother of two says she lost her job in March when the restaurant where she was working cut hours. She was denied unemployment and fell behind on rent for June, July and August.

The letter goes on to say, "Pay your outstanding balance, or release your apartment and turn in your keys to the leasing office by 6 p.m. today. Eviction will be filed promptly Tuesday morning."

"The notice wasn't there until 2 o'clock in the evening, and the time says 6 o'clock," Lee said.

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