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DNA Lounge: Wherein there's another Slim's development to ruin your day

Hey, were you hoping that maybe someone would buy Slim's from Golden Voice and someday bring back that venerable stage that was so important to our local music scene? Sorry, 2020 isn't done shitting on everything you love just yet. It looks like Slim's is going to be renamed "YOLO" and be operated by someone called "Pimp Group LLC". I have no inside knowledge of this, but if I were a betting person I would put money on this being a bottle-service "Ultra Lounge".

Remember that time I tried to resurrect another local live music venue that had been turned into an "Ultra Lounge", failed at that spectacularly, and then it turned into a sports bar that lasted less than a year? Yeah, good times, good times.

Fun fact, "Ultra Lounge" is usually a synonym for "money laundry". If you watched Breaking Bad, it's the same con as the carwash. That venue you walked by that had been there for years but seemed to only be open once every six weeks? Like that.

If you don't want DNA Lounge to be replaced by a Pottery Barn, or worse, an Ultra Lounge, maybe kick in to our Patreon or something, I dunno.


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