Tired of being a bird?

Pablo Rochat:

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4 Responses:

  1. Todd says:

    It's all just part of the surveillance.


    Turn your performance art/mild psychosis into a profitable concern.

    • jwz says:

      Remember what the world was like when an obvious dumb joke was an obvious dumb joke, and you didn't have to question it? Simpler times.

    • somini says:


      > Upon making it to Area 51, the 22 remaining engineers were tasked with designing a new version of the B-52, the B-52B. The B stands for Bird or Barack

      > JFK was murdered by the CIA because he was against the mass murder of every feathered flying creature in the United States

      > You will finally know why the United States of America decided to waltz into a small country on the tip of East Asia.
      > The nation of Vietnam contains the third largest reserves of Bauxite ore on the entire planet. Like I said earlier, this ore was the primary component of aluminum- which would be used to create the robots.

      > the entrance of the bunker, where they were given a tool box and a pair of headphones that played Pink Floyd nonstop. This combination of assembling a robot bird inside a 5 story government fallout bunker led them to believe they were on the most insane trip of their life.

      > how do the birds not fly out of the United States to Mexico and Canada?
      > some that still venture into these countries for a few reasons: picking up drugs (cocaine, marijuana, etc.) for eventual delivery into the lower-class segments of our major cities
      > Another reason is simple- keeping tabs on U.S. citizens who go on vacation.

      > there is currently nothing keeping a bird from Canada or Mexico from travelling inside America, which is why there will never be a 100% robot bird population

      > Bird Drones can have multiple applications based on type, for example, “Vultures” are not surveillance drones, they are used for public sanitation (roadkill specifically). Another example is Hummingbirds, which are used as Assassination Drones, spearing targets with their long needle beaks.

      I'm the one tripping balls...

      • Jim says:

        Conspiracy theories are so terrible. After the flat-earthers got some traction, all the sudden everyone thinks they don't need to be remotely plausible. It doesn't work that way. Here, this one is super-verifiable, but can you spot why it's not entirely accurate?

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