This cannot be accidental.

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  1. cmt says:

    That company is in some economic turmoil (laying off a few thousand people, etc) and announced something like "searching for new markets", but I had no idea it was taking that turn.

  2. dzm says:

    As is traditional:

    "I can't believe people say you're hard to shop for."

  3. japh says:

    QED: the Internet has officially ruined you. :/

  4. Cdt says:

    Customers who viewed this item also viewed:

    Diary of a Futa Monster Girl Tamer

  5. Eeyore says:

    "A real conversation piece"

  6. Grego says:

    Do you think the designer made the rest of the collection as a backdrop to allow this piece to be created? It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to me.

  7. Jeff says:

    I wonder if the designer submitted one last design the same day she got her pink slip?

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